Laundry Sensei Needed

The older boys have been in karate for years. Ryan is in the American Karate program and is now a purple belt. Reid is in the Little Dragons program and is a purple striped white belt.

We have a special place to put uniforms so that we can find all the required pieces and when we return home from karate they take off their WHITE uniforms.

I hate to break it to karate, but WHITE doesn’t really work for me.

White does seem to be a curious choice for people stretching, kata-ing and sparring.   I suspect that I am up against a kajillion years of tradition and don’t want to complain because I do have it easier with my automatic washer and dryer than the karate moms of the past who were pounding white uniforms against creek-bed rocks.

Wax on.

Wax off.

My system to date has worked relatively well.   We are usually able to find the necessary belt, gi, pants, undershirt and easily removed shoes along with a bag of sparring gear in the minutes before we have to leave the house.

All these items are returned to the hooks in the hall upon our return except for anything that might require washing.

The other day when starting the laundry I came across this…

Dirty karate pants


That is weird.

Mud puddles and strawberry ice cream were not in the lesson plan of the karate class or available in the minivan on the way home.

I am issuing the following warning:

Listen to your mother, Reid-san…


  1. This post is just plain brilliance, Holly. Totally reminded me of a Tide commercial.

    Maybe there is a future with P&G for you and your boys? 🙂


  2. I always wanted to be a karate master. Jean Claude Van Dam was huge when I was growing up. I watched “Bloodsport” at least 3 times, and I never watch movies again.
    Right now I kind of want to watch it again. Maybe I’ll ship the boys a secret copy. 😉

  3. Have you tried the Tide stain release stuff we have it and love it, Casey is like a kid I find stains on his clothes all the time.

  4. See thats why they try to sucker you into masters club b/c then you have red Geih.. and then ladnry gets to buy a blue one in december.. In fact are you sure those arent landrys??

  5. You don’t need a laundry sensei (or to be one) you need a wife.

  6. Oh, stain removers wildest dream. Maybe your son’s uniform could run off into the sunset with my WHITE slipcovered chair that at one point in time I thought was a brilliant idea. I won’t even mention the black lab we adopted.

  7. Oh, that is bad. That picture makes my stomach turn. I am so domestically challenged. Stains = garbage. Lol.

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