Photos with 14 day delay

A few weeks ago we were in the Vail, CO area.   I love summers in Vail.   There is nothing that isn’t breathtakingly beautiful from every angle.   It is really fun to take pictures there because it is hard to get a bad shot.

Covered Bridge.

Vail Colorado bridge

Crow’s Nest.

Pirate Park CrowsnestCargo Net.

Reid playing on netShip’s View.

Pirate Park porthole viewRandom acts of wildflowers.

Colorado wildflower collageBoys on a mission.

Boys walk on trailOn the top of the world.

Three boys at the top of Beaver Creek Mountain in summerRoom with a view.

Reid in window at top of Beaver Creek mountain ColoradoGoing down.

Going down chairliftLooking Up.

Rhett enjoys chairliftDog nap.

Rhett sleeps peacefully in Colorado


  1. Awwww that last pic is a perfect end to the day. Frameable!

  2. LOVE THE PICTURES!!! very cool awesome. I felt like I was right there with ya.

  3. My son goes to school in Colorado–I did a collage just like that last summer.

    That tuckered boy is just adorable.

  4. Beautiful pictures! I LOVE the Boys on a Mission. You always take such great pictures!

    Makes me want to scoop up my kids and run to Colorado before school starts on Monday. 🙂

  5. Were we there at the same time? We may have to do a CO hookup next summer!!! Vail is only about an hour from my parents’ house and I’d love to go up for the day. Glad you had a good time.

  6. What a beautiful spot! What adorable little boyos you have!

    What lovely pictures you take!

    I am full of !!! for you today.

  7. glad to see you are as time-sensitive as i am.

    love the last shot.

    and nothing says cleanliness like a shot up a boy’s nose. well-done, mom

  8. Fabulous pictures and oddly familiar. We just got back a few hours ago from North Conway, NH, at the top of the White Mountains. Drove home along the Kancamagus Highway. Kinda makes you want to sing “God Bless America” the whole way. The boys love it when I sing…

  9. Just found your blog via several bloghops–enjoying it! Love these pix from CO. Have just given me an idea for our vacation next summer. I’m an American living in the UK always looking for an excuse to holiday in the States. Was considering a road trip in the SW but worried about the heat. These photos make CO look so inviting! I was in Breckenridge years and years ago and Durango a few years ago–loved both.

  10. What’s this world coming too?
    Some people don’t like Star Wars? Girls playing with Lego’s? Sometimes people lie? Why don’t you just tell me there is no Hanukkah Harry and crush my hopes some more!

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