Oh, does Holly have a blog?

She seems to have forgotten.

Or a little busy to pay any attention.

So, today is DIY…

*insert a photo here – most likely of one of Holly’s children – most likely edited on picnik*

*insert a short story here – most likely about something Holly’s 3 y/o said in public – most likely something embarrasing*

*insert a fruit bowl report – go look at what YOU have in YOUR fruit bowl*

*insert some nonsensical statement that puts a positive spin on the fact that it is Monday*

Bonus Potluck Points for anyone that includes a coccyx update.

Alrighty, that should do for the day.   Holly happens to be at a casino today…follow her slot machine losses   and the time required for her to get eliminated from a poker tournament on twitter.

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  1. I actually do have a coccyx update. After having jumped off a 25 foot cliff three weeks ago (into the water – thankfully), my beloved tail bone continues to send me reminders that I’m not in my 20s anymore (or 30s or 40s or OH NO even 50s). I have a picture of the jump – not the landing. I was evidently absent the day mother gave the “if your friends jumped off a cliff….” lecture.


  2. [insert witty comment here about how much I enjoyed your photo/story/fruit bowl/nonsense]

  3. DIY potluck? Thats like when someone asks me “what is for supper?” and I answer “what leftovers look good to you? Eat them, make a sandwich or have some cereal.”

  4. I just got in from a 12-hour drive – how do you think my coccyx is doing?

    Sorry. I get sassy when I’m hungry.

    DIY potluck? The nerve.

  5. Holly, there are starving children in the world that would love to eat your potluck levtovers. You should be thankful for your weekly potluck. Now eat your potluck.