Potluck canceled, here is a picture

Post-holiday fatigue has set in.

I am canceling potluck – and here is a picture.

Nevermind, I thought I could post just one picture.

But I am incapable of it.

So here is a bunch of pictures…

Boys against Fort Worth TX skyline

We started the celebration off with a visit to my in-laws who took us to a party overlooking the Fort Worth skyline.   In the picture above, I requested that the boys smile.

Holly and the boys

Blog-Stedman had to work the evening of the fourth, so it was nice to have the grandparental help with the boys which included photography.

Fort Worth skyline without fireworks

My camera has a firework setting.   Each year I set it.   Each year I get REALLY CRAPPY FIREWORK pictures.   So, here is a picture of the Fort Worth skyline and you can insert your own fireworks into it.   Believe me, they will look much better.

On Sunday, we went to my parents to play in the lake.   The cousins were present.

kids in intertubes in lake

I got back on a water ski after a mere 15 year hiatus.   It was not pretty.   Luckily I have no photos.

All in all a fabulous way to celebrate the most amazing country in the WORLD.   Oh ya!

And here is the best photo from the day…

Fourth of July boys and Holly

Best because I was able to crop out my mom’s fingers, Ryan is not grabbing Reid by the neck (as in a previous shot to this one), all boys are accounted for and 1/4 people are looking at the camera.



  1. I LOVE the fireworks photo! The fireworks I inserted were fabulous, the best ones ever! 🙂

    I am the same way, have a hard time getting them to look ok. I guess a tripod would probably help, but who carries around a tripod?

    I love the last photo, just because if I am going to post a photo that I am in, I don’t care how everyone else looks, as long as I look good, then it will work. hehehe

  2. That request them to smile photo seems familiar….oh yeah, that is how my youngest smiles when asked to pose for pictures! Frustrating, but priceless!

  3. A few thoughts….

    LOVE your top in the 4th of July picture. So cute!

    They black & red skyline picture is really neat.

    The picture of the 4 of you at the lake is so funny…Rhett is SO over June Cleaver Nirvana!

  4. Great pictures! When you take pictures of the boys, do you whine, “But it’s for my bloooooooooooog”? Because my boys really love that.

  5. great pics. could you stop being so beautiful now? no, i didn’t think so.

  6. The pictures of the boys crack me up. Love the ‘smile’ one!

  7. The boys appear reasonably still and the mom looks great. In my book, that’s a fabulous picture!

  8. The last photo rawks! And my camera has the Fireworks setting, too, but every picture i take is fireworks or so i think. 😉

  9. Oh how my boys would have loved to have those cool longhorn shirts. I love the pictures. Such handsome boys.

  10. ok I love the fireworks photo and the boys are so classic – love the yawning shot!

  11. Sounds like you guys had fun! Yes, it’s so hard getting good family shots. I have given up trying for the posed shots. Now I actually like my action ones:-)

  12. “1/4 people are looking at the camera” – Oh, how I live with this same result so often. And my kids are older.

    Your fireworks shot is fabu. 🙂

  13. And now… I’m homesick…

    Love your pictures. They skyline one is so neat and it’s great to see YOU! : )

  14. Love the pics! I only have one right now thats 13 months old but getting her to do anything for a picture is exhausting! I cant imagine with 3 boys! Love the picture of the fireworks – to funny.

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