9:00 am: Holly is on the computer in the kitchen. Her husband  looks over her shoulder. The younger boys are playing at the kitchen table with Legos next to the oldest who is working on schoolwork. Ahhhh…nirvana. 9:01 am: Holly’s husband  leaves the room. 9:02 am: The three boys have requests for mommy. #1 wants help with his work. #2 would like another glass of milk. #3 begs to go to the potty (despite not being potty trained in ANY sense of the word). 9:04 am: Mommy fulfills all three requests. Mommy answers school question about math. Mommy obtains a full glass of milk from the fridge. Mommy sets baby on toilet. Good job Mommy! 9:05 am: Uh-oh! #1 needs help. Math emergency. #2 spills milk. Milk emergency. #3 pees on mommy. Plain old emergency. 9:06 am: #2 walks to bathroom to make sure mommy hears his screams about the milk. Legend: lime green: milk footprints orange: milk + pee footprints 9:07 am: Mommy strips boys #2 and #3 and starts a load of urine and milk soaked clothes. Mommy washes her legs and feet. Boy #1 continues to scream for help. 9:09 am: Mommy uses 3 washcloths, a spray cleaner and 15 minutes to mop up the pee pool, the milk pool and the tributaries that connect the two. New clothes are placed on boys #2 and #3. 9:24 am: Mommy sits back at computer. #1 has figured out his math problem on his own. #2 and #3 sit with new clothes at table playing with Legos. Ahhh…nirvana. 9:25 am:  Holly’s husband walks into room and inquires whether Holly is going to spend the whole day blogging. This Holly’s Animated Life episode originally aired on April 9, 2008 and was the second adventure Holly animated.   It has been digitally re-mastered and edited to NOT include Holly’s kitchen counter, photo of her finger and real life breakfast food stains.

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  1. This was AWESOME! And isn’t that the way it always works out? They never see our good deeds, just what they want to see.