Today instead of the usual Monday potluck, I am pulling one of my favorite stories out of the archives. For a reason. A really good reason. Please read to the end to find out why… Holly was once a teenager. Although Holly is naturally perky, the teenage years turned Holly’s perkiness into springy teenage angst. Springy teenage angst can be identified by continuous eye-rolling and hyper-debating. Holly’s bobbing head in off-beat time to her walkman was seen wandering around her room and on the well beaten track to the bathroom she shared. It may have been because Holly lived directly across from her parents bed room… It may have been because the family needed a break from all the eye-rolling… It may have been because someone needed to go to the bathroom… SOMETHING caused Holly’s dad came up with a brilliant idea! Genius Holly’s dad… Let’s build Holly a room in the basement! Holly’s dad built walls. Holly’s dad built a bathroom. Holly’s dad put carpet on the floor. This new room was very helpful in containing Holly’s teenage angst. This new room was very helpful in containing Holly’s mess. Holly did not live alone in her mess. Holly’s dog didn’t seem to mind the long hours in the bathroom, the constant eye-rolling or the mess. At the time Holly thought the room was nice. Now that Holly is no longer suffering from teenage angst she can fully admit that the room was teenage nirvana. Well, almost teenage nirvana. There was one time when Holly found a small garden snake under her bathroom rug. And then Holly suffered from legitimate angst. The End. This is not the end of the story! There is more… After a series of crazy coincidences, I found that this very room that my dad built for me was later the home of fellow blogger, Jennifer from Thursday Drive.   She writes about it HERE. Jennifer {who I love dearly and think is one of the most amazing writers I have ever read} is in the middle of a mess.   Over a year ago she and her children moved across the country to start a new life after a divorce.   The kids went to visit their dad a few weeks ago and didn’t return.   Jennifer is in need of some help to enforce the custody agreement and see her children again. If there is any way that you can help, please check out her story on Go Fund Me.   Thank you so much. Now GO before I start rolling my eyes.

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  1. I grew up in the 80’s too. When the 90’s rolled around, my younger sister (one of the 5) would laugh at the pictures in my high school yearbook! Raccoon eyes, big hair. The 80’s.

  2. Holly, I just re-read this & I am concerned about the amount of time you spent in the bathroom. Need more fiber?

  3. WOW! That is one awesome coincidence. How cool!!

    I think your carpet was taken from the same catalog as mine 🙂