There is a wildlifepark just North of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex called Sharkarosa that we love to visit.   This Texas zoo is situated about 20 minutes North of   Denton near Lake Ray Roberts.
Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch – 11670 Massey Road, Pilot Point, TX 76258: phone – 940-686-4600
Sharkarosa is a large wildlife ranch that has exotic and endangered animals that you can interact with close up and personal.   We try to go to the home school day at Sharkarosa each year where they have tons of   learning experiences in addition to the usual animal fun.

The kids can get really close and even touch many of the animals.   Rhett was mesmerized by this Albino Eastern Grey Kangaroo.

What a sweet, sweet baby…

The staff at Sharkarosa is very helpful and informative – in many cases they appeared to be the animal’s surrogate parents. The animals seemed to enjoy the kids as much as the kids enjoyed them.

Throughout the wildlife ranch were signs and displays that contained educational information related to animals that live there.   They are a non-profit ranch that specializes in conservation and are often called to assist in exotic animal rescue.

My favorite part of the Sharkarosa experience was the safari train that takes you through the different animal areas. The passenger trailers had buckets of food attached to the sides so the animals would come up to the trailers to eat. Here we are being stalked by camels.

The animals get so close to the trailer that you can reach out and touch the taller animals. The guides throw food out to the smaller animals so they are also close enough to observe. I have been to several wild animal parks including some very famous and expensive ones *cough* San Diego Wild Animal Park and this is DEFINITELY without question the closest you can get to a wide variety of animals.

We spent about 3 hours there which included a snake class (I sat in the VERY back row) that my boys loved. We can’t wait to return.

Some of my other photos from Sharkarosa can be seen here.

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  1. I’ve never heard of that place! I’ll have to mention it to my MIL, she loves this kinda of thing. Like Fossil Rim, etc.

    But snake class? Yeah, no…