Yipeee. Let’s hear it for Monday. Goooooooo Monday! *clap**clap* (those cheerleader claps with the outward elbows) Last week was spring break for my family and me which is why there wasn’t much original going on here at the Nirvana. I did more cooking in the last 7 days than I thought humanly possible. Thankfully we squeezed in a few activities as well… We did a little skiing: And a little swimming: I have never skied spring break before and was thrilled with the 50 and 60 degree temperatures and a little terrified of what those temperatures do to snow on a ski hill in the afternoon…slush. It was a little like downhill water skiing with really skinny water skis. We have been on flat land for 36 hours now and my ears still need to pophuh? You are going to have to speak louder! The following Googlers were enticed to the Nirvana with these searches: 1. “job description homemaker funny” 2. “locking kids out” 3. “mommy has boobs4” 4. “what to bring to a church potluck” 5. “holly has 6 children” 6. “animated toilet plumbing underground in 3 d” What is up with Holly’s coccyx? Doing good. Yep, she is going to continue this feature even though there is no news in an effort to continue monopolization of the world wide web’s coccyx update status…take that facebook. Let’s find out who is Peep of the Week! In response to the animated tale Let’s Go on a Road Trip!:
Love this article! Love the drawings! My family of 6 also took long road trips in a minivan from Indiana to Florida almost every summer. Very similar rules. One of our games was that “whoever smells the ocean first gets a dollar!” Yeah, my parents were brilliant. Kept us quiet (except for all the sniffing) for at least an hour once we crossed the Florida state line. 🙂
For the GENIUS of her parents, Deborah at Coco Bonbons is Peep of the Week! Blog-Stedman and I have played a similar little game on road trips between Dallas and Denver called “Is it a dirty diaper or is it a feed lot?” Good times. Good times that have come to an end for this minivan traveling family who is diaper-free in 2009! Bumper stickers to be printed soon… Don’t forget to pick up your button: Let’s find out what is in Holly’s fruit bowl! 2 yellow onions, 2 white onions 1 7/12 heads of garlic, 3 shriveled oranges and a sprouting potato. May your nose distiguish between diapers and feed lots today…

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  1. I think you should do an animated toilet plumbing underground in 3d post! Clearly, it is what the people want…