I am raising very sensitive boys.

By sensitive I mean that they are very in tune with their feelings.

By feelings I mean their feelings of TERROR.

Yep, here at the Nirvana, my children live in fear. Their lives through their eyes are a horror movie. A movie where children’s screams pierce the night and dark alleys lurk behind closet doors.

Sometimes I am oblivious to the terror I inflict. For instance, I often request them to go upstairs to get something from their room…
*piercing scream*
*intense brotherly negotiation to arrange a body guard*
*slow deliberate steps up the stairs and across the second floor*
*crash (Item retrieved)*
*quick intense steps across the second floor and down the stairs*

Sometimes I am insensitive to the terror I inflict. For instance, I often feed them vegetables with dinner…
*piercing scream*
*intense baiting for parental negotiation*
*crash (parental negotiation shut down)*

Sometimes I have no control over the terror I inflict. For instance, we live in a house that has bugs outside and occasionally these bugs wander in by mistake…
*piercing scream*
*intense pleading with mommy to come check the bathroom for bugs*
*slow deliberate bug inspection*
*crash (toilet seat flipping up)*
*quick intense pee which may or may not include the floor*

I will admit that my boys may be a bit more sensitive then others.

Alright, let me just admit that they are a bit over-sensitive. So when a new horror is discovered or a new fear admitted, I take it with a grain of salt. Big rock salt. You know the kind that you buy at fancy grocery stores and have to self grind.

Recently all three came to me to tell me a tale of a thing that goes bump in the night. Their description so vivid. Their details so intense. At first I blamed it on Scooby Doo, but they insisted.

No mommy, there REALLY IS a ghost with green eyes upstairs.

*piercing screams from all three*
*intense pleading for me to come see it*
*slow deliberate steps up the stairs and across the second floor*
*crash (Well, maybe more of a shutter click)*

Holy crap! We have a ghost with green eyes living upstairs…

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