Monday Potluck proving I am a rebel ¦

Hi to all of you who partake weekly in the potluck. Oh, and if you are new around here, please scroll below to the Trapper story. You really should start there.

Happy, happy Monday! Whooo hooo.

I am not serving food today. You will have to bring your own to the potluck. Deal, people. Deal. (rebel tendency #1)

On Friday my mom and I took the three boys to the Dallas Museum of Art. The place is fantastic. The kids were very interested in many of the things we saw. They were as well behaved as boys ages 2,4 and 7 could ever, ever expect to be. BUT that didn’t stop the staff of the DMA from yelling at us for the following (rebel tendencies #2-#5):

1. We had just gotten into the building. We were walking down the hall that lead to the galleries. I want to emphasize that there wasn’t a piece of art within 100 yards of us when my 3 boys ran up an empty staircase in the corridor. *gasp* Then they ran down. *gasp* A DMA staff member ran to me quietly shouting, “children should NOT be on the stairs unassisted. They could fall and hurt themselves.” I assured her that they have been independent in their stair climbing for years. I had actually been proud of them for choosing an appropriate area to run off excess energy. Whatever. (Rebel tendency #2)

2. The boys had been told not to touch anything. They had followed this throughout the museum. Toward the end, Rhett(2) found a glass case that contained some really cool drawings. He pointed to them. His pointer finger touched the glass case. *gasp* A museum employee ran to us and sternly reprimanded my 2 y/o for putting a finger print on a glass case that was sitting on the floor. Really? Of all the things he could accidentally touch this seems like something that did no harm. Whatever. (Rebel tendency #3)

3. When we entered the museum I had checked to see if they had a photography ban. Nothing was posted. I had taken pictures (many are in my yesterday’s post) throughout (without flash…the art is so beautifully lit). I took the picture of the random father/daughter because the moment unfolded right before me. *gasp* A museum employee flew across the room to give me a 10 minute lecture on what artwork could be photographed. According to my lesson, you can only photograph art that was a GIFT to the museum. Hmmmmmm. I missed the whole part where anything in the museum wasn’t a gift from a foundation, person or taxpayer (me!). Whatever. (Rebel tendency #4)

I know! Right now you are thinking…WHO IS SHE? Where is our perky, harmless Holly?

Rotten Sweet potatoes. (Rebel tendency #6)

I just realized that I skipped rebel tendency #5…and I am not even going to change it. (I know! I know!)

I am going to switch this segment around a little today (rebel tendency #7) to throw under the bus (rebel tendency #8). I have been watching my stats and have received a total of 14 visits through the site. I have been responsible for at least 4 of those (rebel tendency #9). So, should I go join the much more fun hosted by my favorite blogging buddy, Meg? Please vote with your comments. (yes, that would be rebel tendency #10)

Oh, I gave that slogan to Meg while still listed on (rebel tendency #11)

So today I am off to celebrate Ryan’s last day of school. Last day? Celebrate? Would it be wrong of me to dread that summer starts tomorrow (rebel tendency #12)…


  1. frogpondsrock says:

    I am not going to comment.. Rebel tendency #13 Woot..

    Oh damn I just commented *sigh*

    I must just not have any rebel tendencies…

    hehehe cheers kim

  2. Wow, you are a rebel, and a brave one at that. Three boys + Museum, very brave.

  3. School’s out…already?! I am actually very jealous of that. VERY tired of the school routine right now.

    We took our kids (back in the day when we only had 2) to the Art Museum in Philly. Kristen had just gone and had her whole face painted like Spiderman at the zoo earlier that day. We thought it would be fun to show off her “art” while looking at art. We got a few looks.

  4. last day of school? you better get those rebel tendencies out of you now girl. it’s summah time.

  5. anglophilefootballfanatic says:

    Last day of school on a Monday? That’s strange. Why bother for one day. And, you are such a rebel. WOO. I feel naughty just for knowing you. Oh, and H, the people that work at the DMA need to not go so postal. Sorry it wasn’t all that and more.

  6. Cracking me up 🙂 You rebel.
    I can’t believe they are so uptight at the DMA. Wow.
    I think it’s great you’re on, but it seems if there are so many moms on there, maybe it’s too many… y’know. I am totally going to have to check out because that’s where I fit 😉

  7. Can someone remind me when I’m in Dallas to avoid the Dallas Museum of Art? Never mind your wild kids racing through and touching everything (not), but you can’t take pictures of anything that isn’t a gift? Why don’t they label those things? Those people need to find a little something else to do with their time and get a life.

    As far as school, but the people I know, I think you’re in the majority. We have a full 5 days left, and I can’t wait for it to be over, but that’s MY rebellion! (I hate the time it takes to drive. There and back. Twice a day.)

  8. Man…pretty soon you’re going to start pissing off Oprah 😉 Rebel.

  9. A Mom Two Boys says:

    You ARE a rebel. Wow.

    School’s OUT already? Holy cow.

    As for AllMediocre? Thanks for the mention…and I’m not going to weigh in. I need to keep Guy K on my good side! :0)

  10. We totally got yelled at at the DMA, too. For not holding the standing-still five year old’s hand. Umm?

    But I totally want that orange couch that you posted, and my kids want the giant blue man.

    And how sad is it that you do have to be a rebel to take your kids to an art museum?

  11. the planet of janet says:

    i’m going to comment and not be funny. cuz i’m a rebel like that.

    see? still not funny.

  12. Jenn @ Juggling Life says:

    We got yelled at by a remote eye in the sky at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden–who wouldn’t want to climb on Spoon Bridge with Cherry, though?

  13. YOu are quite the rebel today and I would have been proud of my kids had they acted like yours in a museum.

  14. Makes me wanna go and touch a museum employee. Gosh they really need to relax

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, how I envy you…last day of school…The districts around here don’t finish ’til mid-June.
    ‘course we homeschool, so I should be able to finish by the end of May…And our days are shorter…this is good.
    Loved the Museum photos…Hate those policies, no-flash Photog can’t hurt the works…they just want to be able to Sell you something…your kids were great. Happy Belated Mother’s Day.
    Pax, EJT

  16. is the BEESKNEES, chicky!! I’m a member…loud and proud 😀

    And you are SUCH a rebel. I envy you…*G*

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  19. Last day of school? The thought is giving me hives! We have 3 weeks left. Call me crazy, but I like the structure of the school year. Girls get bored, mom gets crabby!

  20. On a limb with Claudia says:

    I saw no torn dresses or face messes? 😉

    Gosh, I can’t believe the museum. We practically grew up in the Norton Simon and the (original) Getty. Running, laughing, pointing is all a part of meeting art for the first time. Sorry those losers don’t know that.

    I hope you have some Holly sanity breaks in your schedule – yoga, massage, pedicures, stuff like that.

  21. Sleeping with Ward Cleaver says:

    It’s good to be a rebel once you have kids. I’m just impressed you took them to an art museum and not a petting zoo.

  22. MoscowMom says:

    Wow, those museum guards sound as if they’re Soviet immigrants… That’s what we ALWAYS encounter here… And the comments are made in such a way to make sure that I know they think I suck as a parent and my children are wild heathens.

    You’re sooo right about your tax money funding the museu, so go #$#*&(!!….

    I think your boys should be quite proud of their wonderful behavior. It’s so exciting when they enjoy a museum!!! Perhaps you should really piss off those guards and become regular visitors!!!

    Oh… those poor sweet potatoes… We can’t get them here, and they can easily cost $10 or *more* per potato here… ENJOY them for me the next time before they rot…

  23. I think the guards at DMA were sick of us and tended to walk away when we came near them– we kept asking ‘which elevator takes us to..’ and ‘have you seen our children’—truly, our group kept taking stairs so we had to try to find them after taking odd blue and red elevator combos because there was not one elevator to take us everywhere. When we got home, the boys’ said their favorite part was the elevator but that’s better than the girls. Their favorite was the giant ‘Prince Caspien’ poster on a building a block away from the museum! We won’t be going to the Louvre for a while 😉

  24. InTheFastLane says:

    Sounds like the DMA doesn’t really want families with children visiting. I am impressed that your 2 year old only touched that one think. I could never to Jack Jack anywhere that didn’t allow lots of touching and running and jumping and throwing…

  25. Jennifer H says:

    I like the rebel tendencies!

    Those museum employees are hardasses, aren’t they? I could totally do that job.

    Your kids were better behaved than mine would have been, I’m sure.

  26. EatPlayLove says:

    I knew I liked you, must be all that rebellion inside you!

  27. Momo Fali says:

    Rebels rule. Keep on keepin’ on.

  28. That slogan cracks me up! 🙂

  29. Tootsie Farklepants says:

    You are a rebel! I’m so not ready for school to end. Not even close.

  30. #12 …me too. Every freakin’ year I have a panic attack about summer and my loss of self and me-time and have a big old pity party, me, me, me, me, me.

  31. Betsy Bird says:

    I’m going to be a rebel by commenting on the Trapper story instead of today’s post. LOVED that story. You’ve probably already become the stuff of legend around the golf course.

  32. So the gifts can be photographed because, hell, we don’t care if those lose color after a while? Whaaa? Photography rules suck no matter where you are.

    No food, either, I’m hungry, darnit…


  33. fullheartandhands mama says:

    You are quite the rebel.

  34. Sounds like museum was a bit stressful.

    Meg’s idea is VERY funny! With your implementation of course.

  35. Rebellion is at the heart of every wild woman. Go. Holly. Nice and sweet suck rotton sweet potatoes.

    No, you shouldn’t feel bad for dreading summer. It’s honest.

    ooooh, I’m feeling PMSsssssy.

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