Hi to all of you who partake weekly in the potluck. Oh, and if you are new around here, please scroll below to the Trapper story. You really should start there.

Happy, happy Monday! Whooo hooo.

I am not serving food today. You will have to bring your own to the potluck. Deal, people. Deal. (rebel tendency #1)

On Friday my mom and I took the three boys to the Dallas Museum of Art. The place is fantastic. The kids were very interested in many of the things we saw. They were as well behaved as boys ages 2,4 and 7 could ever, ever expect to be. BUT that didn’t stop the staff of the DMA from yelling at us for the following (rebel tendencies #2-#5):

1. We had just gotten into the building. We were walking down the hall that lead to the galleries. I want to emphasize that there wasn’t a piece of art within 100 yards of us when my 3 boys ran up an empty staircase in the corridor. *gasp* Then they ran down. *gasp* A DMA staff member ran to me quietly shouting, “children should NOT be on the stairs unassisted. They could fall and hurt themselves.” I assured her that they have been independent in their stair climbing for years. I had actually been proud of them for choosing an appropriate area to run off excess energy. Whatever. (Rebel tendency #2)

2. The boys had been told not to touch anything. They had followed this throughout the museum. Toward the end, Rhett(2) found a glass case that contained some really cool drawings. He pointed to them. His pointer finger touched the glass case. *gasp* A museum employee ran to us and sternly reprimanded my 2 y/o for putting a finger print on a glass case that was sitting on the floor. Really? Of all the things he could accidentally touch this seems like something that did no harm. Whatever. (Rebel tendency #3)

3. When we entered the museum I had checked to see if they had a photography ban. Nothing was posted. I had taken pictures (many are in my yesterday’s post) throughout (without flash…the art is so beautifully lit). I took the picture of the random father/daughter because the moment unfolded right before me. *gasp* A museum employee flew across the room to give me a 10 minute lecture on what artwork could be photographed. According to my lesson, you can only photograph art that was a GIFT to the museum. Hmmmmmm. I missed the whole part where anything in the museum wasn’t a gift from a foundation, person or taxpayer (me!). Whatever. (Rebel tendency #4)

I know! Right now you are thinking…WHO IS SHE? Where is our perky, harmless Holly?

Rotten Sweet potatoes. (Rebel tendency #6)

I just realized that I skipped rebel tendency #5…and I am not even going to change it. (I know! I know!)

I am going to switch this segment around a little today (rebel tendency #7) to throw AllTop.com under the bus (rebel tendency #8). I have been watching my stats and have received a total of 14 visits through the AllTop.com site. I have been responsible for at least 4 of those (rebel tendency #9). So, should I go join the much more fun AllMediocre.com hosted by my favorite blogging buddy, Meg? Please vote with your comments. (yes, that would be rebel tendency #10)

Oh, I gave that slogan to Meg while still listed on AllTop.com. (rebel tendency #11)

So today I am off to celebrate Ryan’s last day of school. Last day? Celebrate? Would it be wrong of me to dread that summer starts tomorrow (rebel tendency #12)…

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  1. Rebellion is at the heart of every wild woman. Go. Holly. Nice and sweet suck rotton sweet potatoes.

    No, you shouldn’t feel bad for dreading summer. It’s honest.

    ooooh, I’m feeling PMSsssssy.

  2. Sounds like museum was a bit stressful.

    Meg’s idea is VERY funny! With your implementation of course.

  3. So the gifts can be photographed because, hell, we don’t care if those lose color after a while? Whaaa? Photography rules suck no matter where you are.

    No food, either, I’m hungry, darnit…


  4. I’m going to be a rebel by commenting on the Trapper story instead of today’s post. LOVED that story. You’ve probably already become the stuff of legend around the golf course.