This is how a house full of boys celebrate Valentine’s Day…

When blog-Stedman shops unsupervised he brings home things like this:
and this:
and this:
and every once in awhile, this:

And now for a story entitled, “My son thinks he was born to Martha Stewart”:
Last year Ryan was in Kindergarten. I was an attentive, but somewhat clueless first time Kindergarten mom. It occurred to me about 30 minutes before his bedtime on Feb. 13 that Ryan probably needed 18 Valentines. Thank God for the crapload of scrapbooking supplies in my closet. We cut, stamped and signed 18 Valentines plus a special edition for the teacher. Whew! I learned my lesson and this year while shopping at the grocery store, I wheeled over to the seasonal area and said, “Let’s pick out your Valentines!” (The exclamation point is needed there because I am just that perky.) To which Ryan replied, “But we ALWAYS make them!” (The exclamation point is needed there because Ryan talks very loudly.) So my dear reader, with the help of B my child took handmade Valentines to school.

And now for a story entitled, “My son’s mother is not Martha Stewart”:
Here are some of the rejected Valentine prototypes:
This is the popular “I love you but you steenk” which goes to show Saxon Phonics would label “stink” as a sight word.
This is the wildly loving “I love you but you poop” which requires no editing or explanation.
And this is the romantic “I love you but you wer a diper”.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


  1. Slow Panic says:

    boys are the best.

  2. A Mom Two Boys says:

    OMG, can Blog-Stedman bring donuts to my house? Those look SO good.

    Those Valentines are adorable. SO adorable. For V-Day I get a sick (Almost!) 3 year old and a raring to go 6 month old. All I want is a nap. NOT gonna happen.

  3. jennifer h says:

    Can I borrow some of those lines? Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like “I love you but you wear a diaper.”

    I’ll take the donuts.

  4. AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC says:

    You can get him to GO to the grocery? Mine will not go within 100 yards (which is how close the Italian place is to the store!) of ours.

    I love the rejects. Such boy statements!

  5. Burgh Baby's Mom says:

    I’m totally stealing, “I love you but you poop.” That is classic.

  6. “I love you but you steenk” is the card I’m making this summer for my husband; I’ll give it to him when he comes home from woodworking in the hot Texas sun and wants a hug.

  7. Happy Campers says:

    Oh those are beyond precious!!! Especially the poop one. What is it with boys & poop? 🙂

  8. ah, I was just stopping by over here to copy your address for a link (see blog post later…) and, well, you’re always good for an unexpected laugh! Love the Valentines. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    (P.S. My husband and your husband take the same shopping list with them to the store)

  9. Tootsie Farklepants says:

    I sense a theme.

  10. Oh those are gr8 – thx for sharing and for making me giggle! Happy V-day 🙂

    (My man is out of town…I say no more.)

  11. those are awesome! I think I’ll write those in the card for my hubby…

    Happy Valentine’s Day!


  12. nonlineargirl says:

    Ada would have loved one with the word poop on it. She probably would prefer “I love you AND you poop”, but then she’s only 2. Poop talk is all the rage here, at least among the shortest member of our family.

  13. “I love you but you poop.”

    Funny, that is the EXACT Valentine my boys gave me. Hilarious! I think I hear Hallmark calling his name…

  14. binky ink says:

    I am afraid to come over…who knows what reject card may be awaiting me??? Maybe, “I love you but you’re a coo coo girl?” However, I come bearing chocolate and strawberries, so perhaps I’ll get a little lovin’ tonight after all!

  15. Love it!!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you & yours.

  16. LMAO!!! OMG. Tomorrow I’m SO totally telling my hubby “I love you but you poop”!!! *giggle*

    What stinks is my M is in a preschool class of 5 (including herself). I BOUGHT a box of 32 valentines…for 4 kids!!! Oy.

  17. Purple Teacup says:

    Which one was for Clayton? LOL

  18. This was an awesome post, HRH! “The exclamation point is needed there because I am just that perky.” Laughing hysterically.

    And the pictures. Priceless. Happy Valentine’s to you!

  19. How cute – I just love me some boys!!! Happy Valentine’s Day – hope it was wonderful – see you soon. Kellan

  20. Domestic Spaz says:

    Those are way more interesting than the Transformers themed cards my son handed out! Thanks for making me laugh!

  21. Do you think any of the conversation hearts candies next year will change their LuvU or B Mine to Iluvu but you steenk? I anxiously await…

  22. imaginary binky says:

    That’s not funny that he made fun of me wearing a diaper. Sometimes I need them when I drive solo across the country!
    I also require doughnuts.

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