Today’s proposed morning schedule:
5:15-5:30–hop out of bed, get yoga clothes on, turn on oven, place strata in oven, get in car drive to yoga
5:30-6:50–yoga and drive home
6:50-8:00–coffee, shower, get dressed in festive holiday attire, review homework/memory verse with Ryan, breakfast with boys, pack car for ride to school and mom’s club Christmas party
8:00-9:00–drop Ryan at school, pick up a Christmas present I ordered from a neighbor from their front porch, arrive at mom’s club and set up table decorations for one table, deliver freshly baked strata for party
9:00-noon–visit with friends at holiday party, win lots of raffle prizes and exchange gift certicates

Today’s actual schedule:
1:14-1:32–Reid arrives at bedside because he still can’t poop and needs “help” so I get up to supervise an unsuccessful mission
3:26-3:35–Reid arrives at bedside because he still can’t poop and needs “help” so I get up to supervise an unsuccessful mission
5:10-5:11–yoga teacher calls to cancel yoga due to her illness followed by huge sigh of relief from me
5:25-6:37–Reid crawls in bed with me because he still can’t poop and I talk him out of trying again so we can sleep
6:38-8:35–Mad dash to get boys ready, fed, homework/memory verse reviewed, 3 trips with Reid to “help” him poop with unsuccessful results, throw strata into the oven because it is becoming increasingly, alarmingly apparent that I am not going anywhere this morning and will need food to eat, call dear friend to pick up Ryan to take to school since Reid can’t leave the toilet, throw on same clothes I wore yesterday so I won’t be naked when friend comes to pick up Ryan, run brush through hair for added effect, send Ryan off to school with all homework (I think) and memory verse partially memorized
8:36-8:50–call another dear friend to pick up my table decorations and gift for the party, pack these items in her car and keep the strata for myself
9:00-9:15–Reid poops!
9:05-present–make coffee, write this blog, consider running to my closet, finding something festive to wear and going to the party late….I haven’t eaten all of the freshly baked strata.

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  1. Hey spinning, you were decorated as a tree (I have pictures) so don’t mess with me…If I said I brought strata, I brought strata…otherwise said pictures will be posted…

  2. I’m so glad that Reid finally got the lead out so you could come to the praty just wouldn’t have been the same with out you.. I think you are lying aobut the strata i saw none .. I think you ate it all!!!

  3. This from the person that sends me Martha Stewart Living??? haha. I didn’t even know what strata was until a few days ago.

  4. I aim to please and am now living my life for a good blog post.

    So, I took the remaining strata to the party (very very late) which means I ate it there and then had some left over for lunch. It is a balmy 35 degrees and lightly raining so it is very comforting. It is our first day below the mid-70s so I won’t start complaining until tomorrow.

    The recipe is really good! Thanks.

  5. Ha! I LOVE a post that mentions poop and my strata so many times! It’s right up my alley.

    Hope it was worth it and hope the little guy is “better” – otherwise he REALLY won’t enjoy the strata, and we can’t have that.