Did I mention I have BOYS? So it is a bit shocking hearing this quote out of a 6 y/o’s mouth. It all goes back to the confusion about “getting dressed” and “dress”. There are several areas that I purposely haven’t corrected their speech because it makes me laugh (give me a break here). This is one of those areas until today when it occurred to me that I also have to assure his survival at school where it might not be so funny. But I am NOT changing that we regularly eat at “old McDonalds” anytime soon….cluck, cluck.

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  1. My daughter calls the hood on her coat and sweatshirts “helmets”. I don’t correct that, either. I think it’s hysterical when she’s getting ready to go outside and she says “I gotta put my helmet on.”

  2. not correcting their speech is just a little tiny bit of revenge on the havoc they have wreaked on our lives. i’m such a good mommy.