Reid is a Linus.
But because his mommy is experienced, he has two blankets. When he attached himself early on to a Target blue and white blanket, I ran out and purchased another one. So we have a rotation. Only one goes into the washer, car, suitcase, etc. at a time. They are interchangable and identically tattered. At home he often sleeps with both of them, but only one is let out of the house at a time. There was a month earlier this year that we were down to one which reinforced my feeling of saavy mommyness by having two. It was found eventually and all is right with the world. I have a back up–I gave my niece a pink and white one that matches Reid’s and we have been known to use it in a pinch. Yesterday when I picked him up from Mimi’s house I forgot to get his blanket which she realized after we had been gone about 15 minutes. Reid had already realized it and was screaming in the middle seat. I would have just gone on because we have another one at home! But Mimi is MUCH nicer and saved the day by meeting us a few minutes later with blanket in hand. Reid grabbed the blanket, said thanks and was asleep in the car (QUIETLY!) approximately 30 seconds later. Which goes to show that no one can think rationally when they are that tired and without their blanket! Thanks Mimi…

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  1. Oh…the blanket. My son has two as well. They were mine when I was little and were passed on to him. He’s VERY attached to them (especially since we made him give up his “FA”-paci). What will we do when the almost 30 year old blankets finally, completely wear out? I DREAD the day!