One of my most favorite places in the whole world is the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in Vail, CO. This is why… Betty Ford Alpine Gardens - back entranceIf I were a beaver, I would have chosen this as my home. orange flowers at Betty Ford Alpine Gardenpurple flower at Betty Ford Alpine Gardenspoppy at Betty Ford Alpine Gardenanother purple flower from Betty Ford Alpine Gardensorange again at Betty Ford Alpine GardensThere is plenty of space for boys to run with the hopes of wearing them out. boys on gore creek at Betty Ford Alpine GardensAnd I wouldn’t be a mom with a camera without trying for a family picture… three boys at Betty Ford Alpine GardenThat was the ONLY picture out of 35 that didn’t exhibit overt brotherly violence. orange red flower at Betty Ford Alpine Garden

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  1. Such great pictures – I’m envious of the thought of being anywhere right now where you can be outside for more than five minutes without being sweaty in photos 🙂

  2. soooo pretty! i’ve been to vail but never to the gardens. i now regret that choice deeply. it looks amazing.