I adore subway tile and admittedly have an unrelenting obsession with chalkboard paint. After staring at our less than appealing backsplash, which I’ve recently chalkboard-ed up,  I realized that both of my above mentioned loves are an obvious match made in heaven.

*Insert ahhh ha moment {here}.*

I’m talking to myself out loud now, ‘why not hand draw me some subway tiles on the chalkboard paint backsplash?’

I’m answering myself now, ‘why not!’

Armed with a piece of chalk, a ruler, laser level and some time to kill during nap time it was go time.  Not only does the chalkboard paint and chalk drawn subway tile offer a fun and inexpensive backsplash alternative but it also allows for you and your kids to be creative, adding little notes, drawings and possibly even a weeks worth of menu ideas.



After a mini google session I realized that a typical subway tile is 4 by 6 so I began by measuring from the base of the cabinets down towards the counter top marking every 4 inches.

chalk21Once my spacing was marked and measured, I simply lined up the ever trusty laser level to guide my lines and mr. ruler and I started tracing.


Once the lines were drawn 4 inches apart, I hash marked along every other line at 6 inches and drew a line accordingly to begin the coveted pattern.


In the opposite sections, I measured 3 inches (the center of the 6 inch tile drawings) and drew hash marks to fill in lines as necessary. Creating a tile pattern.

chalk61If you are forced to ‘work yourself into a corner’ maintain the same measurements but bend it according to the wall surface and continue moving along.


The finished result exceeded my expectations. My son, God bless his little heart, actually did a double take when he entered the kitchen because he thought that they were actual tiles >> Gush, gush, blush. Mommy may be able to get a lot done, but to tile an entire backsplash with five kids underfoot in an hour, is beyond my superhuman capabilities. What I love most about this backsplash is that when or if I get sick of it, the possibilities are endless in terms of design and pattern. For now, however, I am perfectly content with my chalkboard paint subway tile backsplash.


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My name is Holly Homer & I am the Dallas mom of three boys…

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