Science for kids automatically makes me think of messy exploding volcanoes.    Thankfully there are many other science experiments to do that aren’t quite as complex as that one. Whether you are homeschooling your children and want to learn about science, or just like to have a fun time discovering, these are some wonderful activities to share with your kids. Our  blog feature for the day, Housing a Forest, is sharing several science activities with us.  Check our her interview and blog to find more science for kids fun.

6 Science for Kids Activites

 6 Science for Kids Activities

1.  Dancing Oobleck  – A new twist on an old favorite.  It’s so fun to see what happens when you mix cornstarch and water, but its more fun to make the oobleck dance! 2.  Test pH – This colorful activity uses an unusual ingredient to determine pH and then turn it to art! 3.  Water Bottle Popper  – Learn about pressure build up with this fun experiment.  All you need is an empty water bottle to shoot a water bottle cap up to 20 feet in the air! 4.  Color Spray Science – Science through art has never been more fun and you will end up with something wearable! 5.  Ivory Soap Experiment  – The results of heating a bar of soap in the microwave are a lot of fun to watch.  It also leaves you with a unique texture to play with. 6.  Fire Science – Fire is something that always mesmerizes and this is a supervised way to learn about it. 7.  Regrowing Celery  – If you are about to throw your last stock of celery away, wait.  Did you know that all you need is a little water and sunlight and you can actually regrow the plant? 8.  Surface Tension – This is such a fun way to look at surface tension and how things float. 9.  Raised Salt Painting  – See what happens when you paint over a glue and salt design.  This isn’t just science for kids, its beautiful art, too! 10.  Static Electricity – Make a static-propelled snake! 11.  Exploding Art  – Shake up some paint and Alka Seltzer in a film canister and direct it towards a large sheet of paper.  You’ll make some fun exploding art designs.  Make sure you are outdoors for this one! 12.  Solar S’mores – Bake a favorite food with the sun. Thank you Tammy from Housing a Forest for inspiring us with these science for kids activities.

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