This morning I reached into the kitchen drawer which has the comb I use for the boys’ hair and couldn’t locate the comb.

I also couldn’t locate the comb I KNEW I had bought a few weeks ago and placed in there.

This wasn’t the first morning I had comb-location issues…which is why I HAD RECENTLY BOUGHT A COMB AND PUT IT IN THAT DRAWER!

I looked again.

The drawer is my kitchen junk drawer.

Literally, junk.   No exaggeration.

What is supposed to be in that drawer?

  • Multiple flavors of gum – self-serve for the boys
  • A comb
  • A pair of nail clippers

What is supposed to be in there has   explosed into a plethera of gum wrappers, random lip glosses, expired medication packets, stuff hidden from the kitchen counter, mis-placed toy pieces, a bunch of screws, nuts and bolts and just plain junk.

I still couldn’t find the comb and assumed someone took it somewhere else so I went upstairs and found another comb for the boys’ hair.

Later in the morning I decided that cleaning out the junk drawer might be a good idea.

Oh, and I might be able to locate the missing comb.

Or the missing SEVEN combs that I located inside that drawer…



I have unknowingly been hoarding combs in my junk drawer.

And as if 7 combs isn’t the best treasure ever, I found this gem:

In the boys’ self-service of gum, it appears that someone put this in his mouth, chewed twice and returned it to the drawer.

Pure junk drawer art.


  1. This cracked me up! We have the exact same junk drawer in the kitchen except ours also contains a zillion of those little sauce packets from Taco Bell and our favorite Chinese take out place that are probably 10 years old. I also can never find that dang comb. I’ve bought the replacement combs too only to have them go missing THE VERY NEXT DAY! It’s so frustrating!

  2. Maybe MY drawer ate YOUR combs too! hahaha

    Oh, and all those packets from Taco bell, etc…that is ANOTHER junk drawer in the kitchen. My next post???? hahaha.

  3. We have a junk drawer as well as 2 junk baskets.

  4. Unfortunately, that looks like my purse sometimes. I hoard pens. I think I might have about 5 in my purse. My mother always taught me to have a pen on hand.

  5. Last time I cleaned the junk drawer out I found 11 nail clippers. I didn’t know we even owned 11 nail clippers. Apparently DH just bought new pairs when he couldn’t find the old ones.

  6. I think every home has a junk drawer..or two or three. We just moved into a new house and i stood in the kitchen trying to figure out which one will be “the one”

  7. BOY…are we twin sisters or something?
    I have the kids clean out “THE DRAWER” now…it’s like a treasure hunt!

  8. Makes me feel so much better about my junk drawer. Ha ha

  9. My Mom had a junk drawer. Somehow I don’t feel loose enough to have one. You should feel loose enough for a junk drawer. I need one . I love to clean them out and get those nine combs lined up. You show how creative a messed up drawer can be.
    Cathy Jo Cress

  10. One time, after getting so frustrated my the ever-vanishing-brush, I tied a string to the hinge and the other end through the hole in the base of the brush and voila! A leash for the brush. Everyone hated it but me. I thought it was genius.

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