Living the Good Life

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My husband and I are blessed with three boys.

living the good life with three boys

Some days there is some hugging.

living the good life three boys hugging

Most days there is fighting.

living the good life with three boys fighting

The fighting can grow wearisome.


We have tried all sorts of things to "encourage" peace in the home.  Rewards have been issued.  Penalties assessed.  The situation has been ignored.

One morning I walked into the living room at 6:30am to find a ball of fighting boys rolling around the carpet.  It reminded me of the cartoon fights – only the occasional arm, leg and starry "POW" were visible in a cloud of motion.

Stop!  It is ONLY 6:30 in the morning!  Everyone to their room!

The rest of the day wasn't much better.  There was arguing.  There was disobeying.  There was brotherly violence.

I am sure by the end of the day my actions resembled their poor behavior.  I likely fussed, yelled and threw a mom tantrum out of exasperated exhaustion.

Thankfully, bedtime always comes.

I rember that as the house grew quiet that evening, I reflected on all the things that went wrong.  How I had contributed to the chaos.  How I had treated them as problems, not children.

That night I climbed the stairs to their room and watched them sleep.  Beautiful faces.  Quietly content.

boy sleeping

I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture of the sweet slumber.  A picture that I keep on my phone to remind me during a rough day that they are beautiful people that I love dearly…and bedtime is never more than 14 hours away.

Life IS good.

Despite the difficult days, the challenges, the dangers, life IS good.  I love how Allstate Good Life is reminding us to emphasize the good.  Reminding me to look at that picture on my phone.

 photo allstatelogo_300x60_zps5487a605.jpg

How is YOUR life good?  Please share your good life story in the comments below.


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  1. Ahhh! 3 boys ¦ I know it all too well ¦ I have three also ¦. their smiles that light up a room melt my heart and I forget why I was frustrated with them. LOL

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