This week with VTech Voices is full of fun.

We are being challenged to come up with a list of ways to encourage kids to read.

If you have been around The Nirvana for any length of time, you know that I have been trying out a few of my own this summer:

  • Bribery

  • Scheduling reading time

  • Threats

(not really me)

Oh, did I NOT mention the threats?

I usually dwell on happier things, so it probably didn’t get much blog attention.   But threats have been part of my summer reading master plan.

The truth is that all the things above can MAKE my kids read which I hope in time fosters the LOVE of reading that I so desperately want for them.

Because when they WANT to read and sneak a book at bedtime, I think it is a beautiful thing…

I am giving away another VTech Animated V. Reader with one book/game cartridge!

To enter:

  • Leave a tip on how you encourage your kids to read in the comments below.
  • For additional entries you can Tweet and/or Facebook this contest and leave a comment for each below.
  • Subscribe to June Cleaver Nirvana RSS feed and leave me a comment ya did (or already do…thanks!).

OK, the REALLY cool thing is that I am giving away one reader + one book here, but I am also picking my top 5 tips and forwarding them on to VTech who will be compiling The Ultimate Tip List for Encouraging Our Kids to Read and one of the featured tipsters (yep, I just used the word tipster) will win a grand prize of a V. Reader and 3 book/game cartridges.

Not to put any additional pressure on your tip or anything.

Don’t worry.

I mean, look at mine above…

I might suggest you stay away from any tips using the word “threatening” ‘cuz I have already submitted that one.

*Contest closes Friday midnight 7/23 and the randomly selected winner for JCN will be notified by email to obtain their contact information to forward on to the good people at VTech who are sponsoring this giveaway.   The five selected tips will be chosen by me and likely will be more funny than informational because that is how I roll around here.*

Welcome to Kids Activities!

My name is Holly Homer & I am the Dallas mom of three boys…

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  1. In my house we encourage reading by becoming the story. We don’t just read the books, we teach my children to allow themselves to become the characters in the book and imagine the world that they are reading about. Then, when the story is over we talk about it and what would happen if the story continued or changed in some way. It really gets thier minds thinking and excited about the next book that we are going to read. My five year old daughter is just starting to get the hang of it and and the reader would be a wonderful addition to our adventures.

  2. Hi Holly,
    Thanks so much for the giveaway. My son is overjoyed- we’ve been trying to win this for a very long time. I only wish there were more to give away because everybody deserves to win.
    Thanks again for the Vtech V.reader.