encouraging a young reader & v reader giveaway

This week with VTech Voices is full of fun.

We are being challenged to come up with a list of ways to encourage kids to read.

If you have been around The Nirvana for any length of time, you know that I have been trying out a few of my own this summer:

  • Bribery

  • Scheduling reading time

  • Threats

(not really me)

Oh, did I NOT mention the threats?

I usually dwell on happier things, so it probably didn’t get much blog attention.   But threats have been part of my summer reading master plan.

The truth is that all the things above can MAKE my kids read which I hope in time fosters the LOVE of reading that I so desperately want for them.

Because when they WANT to read and sneak a book at bedtime, I think it is a beautiful thing…

I am giving away another VTech Animated V. Reader with one book/game cartridge!

To enter:

  • Leave a tip on how you encourage your kids to read in the comments below.
  • For additional entries you can Tweet and/or Facebook this contest and leave a comment for each below.
  • Subscribe to June Cleaver Nirvana RSS feed and leave me a comment ya did (or already do…thanks!).

OK, the REALLY cool thing is that I am giving away one reader + one book here, but I am also picking my top 5 tips and forwarding them on to VTech who will be compiling The Ultimate Tip List for Encouraging Our Kids to Read and one of the featured tipsters (yep, I just used the word tipster) will win a grand prize of a V. Reader and 3 book/game cartridges.

Not to put any additional pressure on your tip or anything.

Don’t worry.

I mean, look at mine above…

I might suggest you stay away from any tips using the word “threatening” ‘cuz I have already submitted that one.

*Contest closes Friday midnight 7/23 and the randomly selected winner for JCN will be notified by email to obtain their contact information to forward on to the good people at VTech who are sponsoring this giveaway.   The five selected tips will be chosen by me and likely will be more funny than informational because that is how I roll around here.*


  1. My tip is that we read whatever my son is into, even if it sort of makes me want to puke. We read Pokemon magazines and strategy books until my eyes glaze over.

  2. My son is going to Gideon reading center. He loves to read lot. He finds book interesting with more colorful pictures. I encourage little advance books to read with him before bed.

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  4. I take my children to the park every nice day and we have to read a chapter in a book together before they can play at the playground.

  5. We pick a theme of the week, for instance Mermaids (my daughter and her little friend are obsessed with Mermaids at the moment). Once the theme is picked, we brainstorm everything we think of when we hear the word “Mermaid”.

    – Ocean
    – Princess
    – Swimming
    – Fish
    – SeaLife
    – Sand

    Once those words are established we find books in our home library or our public library that are themed around those words. My job is to find a movie and themed snacks at the end of the week for a fun wrap up of our week of reading. So, of course…….. The Little Mermaid and Goldfish.

    Theme It, Word It, Read It. Watch It. High Five It! (<– The High Five is for myself)

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. We got to check out the MobiGo and love it, but this V.Reader has been calling our name the last few weeks.

    mommafindings at gmail dot com

  6. kimbuckjr says:

    MANDATORY ENTRY: This ‘TIP’ is brand new, I just tried it tonight! I set aside a 1/2 hour after dinner (and before bed) to work with my daughter on her reading. I took a book, her favorite, and read it to her (once). After I was done reading to her I told her that if she worked real hard at reading the same story I just finished I would take her swimming tomorrow. And before I could take my next breathe, we were on page 1 sounding out all the words in the 1st paragraph. Amazing! All it took was ‘swimming!’ It took a little longer than half an hour to get through the entire book, but…I’d spend a lifetime teaching my daughter how to read. I love my little girl!

  7. I try to encourage a love of reading by spending time reading to my child.


  8. I’m a Google follower!


  9. I found some age appropriate graphic novels for my advanced reader. He is intimidated by pages crowded with only words, even though he can read all of them. I found a series of Star Wars Clone Wars graphic novels at the library & he’s been thrilled with them.

  10. If my kids are into a particular subject (my oldest was stuck on firetrucks, firemen for a while), I search our library’s site for books on that subject. That way, they’re reading (listening) to a story they’re interested in and I’m happy they’re reading.

  11. Marion Hecht says:

    Reading aloud with the child is a good idea. If the child seems interested, it may be a good idea to let the child complete the book aloud by him/herself. Also, discussing the outcome of
    the story and looking at the drawings in the book may be helpful. Almanacs may be interesting to older children. If the child talks about a certain topic such as sharks, stars, etc. take them to the library, do research on the internet, or at home.

  12. My entering 3rd grader loves those books. His younger brother loves them, too and I often find them curled up together with the oldest one reading out loud. It’s so heart warming, even if it’s all about light sabers!

  13. Marion Hecht says:

    I wrote about this contest on your facebook page.

  14. Heather Smith says:

    I encourage my kids to read by being an example. When I read they want to read (they are 3 1/2 and 2 though :O)

  15. Hi Holly!

    Two things work for me: I have a wide variety of reading material in the house at all times. Everything from chapter books to comics/graphic novels for kids to books of riddles and wacky facts to Calvin and Hobbes. There is always something appealing to read.

    The second tip? Mandatory rest time every afternoon for the older ones. They don’t have to nap but they do have to stay in their room and be quiet without video games. Said room happens to be filled with books, so guess what they wind up doing for their quiet hour?

    BTW, if you have boys, once they get into the teen years the best way to make them read something you want for them to read is to leave it on the top of the commode. It will get read.

  16. Heather Smith says:

    I get your emails!
    ourkidsmom @ gmail dot com

  17. Marion Hecht says:

    Hi Holly!,
    I also wrote on my facebook page about this contest.

  18. Now that my kids are getting a little older, I have been reading them books that are above their reading level but are very engaging. We’re finishing Percy Jackson which they couldn’t read on their own, but they don’t want me to stop reading each time we pick up the book! Harry Potter, here we come!

  19. Marion Hecht says:

    Hi Holly!

    I just subscribed to your email. My 4 year old would really benefit from the V. Reader to help to read. I hope we win!

  20. Marion Hecht says:

    I just tweeted this contest to my page.

  21. My children are all grown up now and so is one of my grandchildren….I have always loved to read so they constantly saw me reading. I read to my boys every day and I guess that’s why they developed a love for reading….my granddaughter reads anything that gets in front of her! I’m so glad she got that love for reading.

  22. I encourage my kiddos reading by making weekly trips to the library, keeping fully stocked bags of books by their beds which they can look at at bedtime and naptime and both beds are close to their own library corner of two bookshelves overflowing with books.

    Of course, saying “yes” to “will you read this book to me” is the most important thing!

  23. mommalovesmee says:

    Quiz and reward:- We have Quiz night, where we read books to our son and ask him questions about whatever we read in the book and reward him for the answers he give(we give him dollars which can only be spent for buying new books for donation).
    (mommalovesmee AT GMAIL DOT COM)

  24. mommalovesmee says:

    Subscribed to your rss feed
    (mommalovesmee AT GMAIL DOT COM)

  25. Brandi Long says:

    We have chapters for cookies. Each chapter earns one cookie. Bribery is a good method.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  26. Brandi Long says:

    I follow your RSS feed. Thanks

  27. I try to encourage my kids to read by example. That is, as I am reading I tell them about all the cool things that are happening in the story I am reading and then ask them to show me a story that they are interested in. This does not work with teens, by the way. However, it does work very well with my four-year old and he has started to pick up the love of reading. Yay us!! Now if we can get the baby to do the same. 🙂

  28. I follow you via the ole Google Reader, and I am pertty sure my picture is up there in both the Facebook Network and the Google friend connect.

  29. Leave books laying all over the house, they lead to kids picking them up and reading and as an added bonus less cleaning up for you!! : )

  30. I encourage them to read by reading to them. They beg me for a story each night and love having a book read to them. Hopefully, once they’re old enough to read they will WANT to do it.

  31. Read or sleep works well for us – I put them down a little early but “let” them have a flashlight and read. I generally go crawl in bed with a different one each night and read to them. (Or fall asleep – whatever the case may be)

  32. Tweeted it which is basically a miracle since it has been 19 days since my last tweet 🙂

  33. My girls (age 6 & 3) have quiet time everyday. I proposed to them an option during quiet time after my 6 year old started proficiently reading, that they wouldn’t have to be quiet if my oldest read aloud to her sister. Voile! It’s a magical moment, peering through the doorway seeing my two girls snuggled up next to each other reading together.

    They would be thrilled with the V Reader, it looks amazing!

  34. My babies love sounds {5 year old babies..lol}. When I make different voices for each of the characters in the story they love it. It not only makes them laugh but they want to try and do it too!!
    In turn they want me to help them read the words so they can make the funny voices.

  35. Whatever they want to read, we read. What’s wrong with reading the back of a box of cereal? 😉

  36. Ria Clarke says:

    Encourage kids to read by reading a lot yourself. Children do what their parents do!
    rmartinclarke at gmail dot com

  37. Ria Clarke says:

    I’m a subscriber
    rmartinclarke at gmail dot com

  38. Our basic deal is: you can read a book OR we will turn out the light and shut the door and you’ll have to close your eyes and keep quiet and go to sleep. Reading a book ALWAYS wins.

    Another tip that works – reading by flashlight. That makes it much more interesting…

    janemaritz at yahoo dot com

  39. I use LOTs of.. uhm.. lets just call them techniques…

    They love snuggling on the couch.. If we snuggle on the couch we have to read..

    They can read or lights out. period ..

    The biggest motivator is for every 30 minutes they read they get a coupon they can use coupons for having friends over, extra tv time, a special trip out to like hte skate park or somewhere I would rather not go.. Its like ok 3 coupons earns you a friend over.. 6 earns you a trip to somewhere that kinda thing. That works awesome..

  40. I take them to library for story time, after story time they each get to pick one of their favourite books to read.

  41. Use every opportunity to read0 billboards, signs, etc
    suz03us at yahoo

  42. I’m a subscriber
    suz03us at yahoo

  43. Make time to read everyday- bedtime is usually best but anytime is a good time for reading.
    sanki304 at gmail dot com

  44. I subscribe by email
    sanki304 at gmail dot com

  45. Read everything- magazines, comics, newspapers- anything. A subscription to a kids magazine s also fun.

    cmc304hf at hotmail dot com

  46. I’m a subscriber
    cmc304hf at hotmail dot com

  47. During the school year, my daughter has to earn computer or tv time. For every half hour that she reads, she can have a half hour of computer/tv time. This works out really well and encourages her to get her reading done.

  48. I take my daughters to story time at the library and to the book store.

  49. This was the winning comment as determined by random number generator!
    Courtney has been notified by email.
    Thanks everyone for entering.

  50. Hi Holly,
    Thanks so much for the giveaway. My son is overjoyed- we’ve been trying to win this for a very long time. I only wish there were more to give away because everybody deserves to win.
    Thanks again for the Vtech V.reader.

  51. Hi Holly,
    Thanks so much for the giveaway. My son is overjoyed- we ™ve been trying to win this for a very long time. I only wish there were more to give away because everybody deserves to win.
    Thanks again for the Vtech V.reader.

  52. In my house we encourage reading by becoming the story. We don’t just read the books, we teach my children to allow themselves to become the characters in the book and imagine the world that they are reading about. Then, when the story is over we talk about it and what would happen if the story continued or changed in some way. It really gets thier minds thinking and excited about the next book that we are going to read. My five year old daughter is just starting to get the hang of it and and the reader would be a wonderful addition to our adventures.

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