I recently wrote about how creative energy is such an important part of my life. Writing, photography, blogging, home decorating, and the occasional art project help decrease my stress level and build memories.

Staying inspired enough to be creative is sometimes difficult.

One of my favorite things inspirations is travel…even if it is just being a tourist in my home town.

Raising 3 boys, running a household, partially homeschooling and managing a work-from-home business are all things that limit the amount of travel that I can do at this stage of life. Even arranging a day trip to the zoo with the kids seems an impossible task at times.

Because of this, I am a BIG believer in the mini-vacation. The kind that you don’t even have to leave the house to enjoy.

For instance, every single night I take a bath. It is a ritual. Everyone in the house knows not to mess with me when I head to the tub.

That would not end well.

I won’t admit to how long I soak, but it is often until the water turns cold. I use the time to relax, think and read. It seems to help keep things in perspective at the end of the day.

Other little breaks from everyday life that I work into my schedule as needed:

  • a great cup of coffee each morning
  • impromptu adventure to a local park
  • walking around the backyard with my camera
  • cherry Dr. Pepper from Sonic {with stem cherries}
  • watching Project Runway
  • a date night with my husband for a dinner out

All these things help me find inspiration and decompress from the silly and irritating details of life.

In fact, sometimes a mini-vacation is less stressful than a real one!

What is YOUR favorite mini-vacation?

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