Amazing Home Race | October 15th

Amazing Home RaceOn Saturday, October 15th the streets of Dallas will be taken over by locals competing for a pretty awesome grand prize of $10,000. Say what? Yes, TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. Several hundred people will meet at one of two locations and will be following clues sent to their cell phones  to compete in the Amazing Home Race – a high-tech scavenger hunt that is a fun, fast paced journey around Dallas.  

Amazing Home Race

Realtors are always looking for new and innovative ways to reach home buyers. While most agencies now leverage the power of social media to engage new audiences, Van Poole and The Buehlers & Associates  have gone a step beyond the norm in a way that sets them apart from the crowd.

They're using location-based, mobile gaming technology. By embracing this new technology and developing a handful of fun, location-based challenges with the help of mobile-gaming company SCVNGR, Van Poole and The Buehlers & Associates have developed the Amazing Home Race – two mobile treasure hunts throughout downtown Dallas giving participants the chance to win $10,000 towards a down payment from Wells Fargo.

What is SCVNGR?

SCVNGR is a game. Playing is simple: Go places. Do challenges. Earn points and unlock rewards! (Think free coffee!) Individuals and enterprises build on SCVNGR by adding challenges and rewards to their favorite places.

Amazing Home Race Kick-Off Locations

East Dallas Event Logistics

  • Event Name:  Van Poole Properties’ Amazing Home Race
  • When: Saturday, October 15th @ 10:00 am
  • Prize: $10,000 CASH
  • Where:  Sambuca 360

West Dallas Event Logistics

  • Event Name:  The Buehlers & Associates Amazing Home Race
  • When: Saturday, October 15th @ 11:00 am
  • Prize: $10,000 CASH
  • Where:  Buehler & Associates Real Estate Office

Additional Important Details:

  • Teams of two will answer riddles and complete location-based challenges right from their cell phones as they follow clues throughout the downtown area
  • Race will last about 2 hours
  • It's completely free to play
  • Enter the code:   SHEISDALLAS for quick approval
  • Register and find more information at
  • The East Dallas event will end back at Sambuca 360 where the after parties will take place. The winning teams will be announced there.
  • West Dallas event will end at the  Buehler & Associates Real Estate Office  where the after parties will take place. The winning teams will be announced there.

She Is Dallas info: This information was provided by SCVNGR {who is an advertiser on this site}. Visit the Amazing Home Race website to register for this event. You will select your city and which realtor team to play with.  Play with the East DFW  team of Van Poole Properties| Sambuca 350 7200 Bishop Road, Plano, TX OR play with the West DFW team of Buehler & Associates: Buehler Realty Office| 3201 Cross Timbers Road, Flower Mound, TX.

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