Today’s Fantastic Friday we are going to feature a few of the great posts I have found over the past few weeks.   All of these posts are printables that you can create to help your kiddos learn.     I found a tutorial for custom alphabet cards, some printable word family books . I love this tutorial!   It is so simple.     Jess over at Mad in Crafts is working on learning the letters of the alphabet with her little tyke.   To help him, she created custom alphabet cards using the free program Picnik.   I love free!   We have cardstock and as soon as I have an hour or two to accumulate the photos we are definitely going to replicate these!   My youngest is just beginning to learn her letters.   She printed her cards on photo paper, but I’m going to try it on cardstock.   For her terrific alphabet cards tutorial (and other crafts/tips) check out her blog! . At the Hubbards Cupboard they have a collection of coloring sheets that you can use to create your own mini-books.   What I love about their collection is that they have them broken down into vowel sounds (ex: short a) and word families (ex: -ig).   We are were using Bobs Books and Progressive Phonics.   The weather has been too nice for “school stuff” and we’ve been outside playing or at the park most days.   We are taking a Spring-summer break (and going to have a baby!!!).   Once life calms down in the Quirky home, these books will be added to our collection of reading resources! . We are also looking forward to moving into writing our letters this fall as well.   I found a site that has free printable handwriting worksheets.   I love the internet, we can create our entire preschool/kindergarten learning curriculum customized from the comfort of our own home!   I even have a few projector sheets lying about leftover from my teaching days.   Using the clear transparency over the printout means that my kids can wipe and re-write over and over again to their hearts content!   Maybe we’ll make mini-whiteboards with the handwriting pages!   The possibilities are endless.

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  1. You can use sheet protectors to re-use worksheets too! You can use crayon on them and still wipe it off–mess-free! Put them in a 3-ring binder or 3-prong folder, and you even have home-made workbooks to take with you to the doctor’s office or wherever else you want your kiddos to sit and be calm, and be able to practice adn learn at the same time!

  2. I found your blog from MomLoop and I love it. I’ve been perusing your posts and they definitely look like great additions to our life. Can’t wait to see your other “quirky” ideas.