What is your favorite game to play with your child?  Have you thought about trying to  make your own game based on holiday theme or simply something your child is really interested in?  Here is a great explanation on how to make a file folder game that your child will love.  We at Kids Activities Blog love how adjustable this game is and how easy it can be to make.  Let us know if you make one of these that becomes your child’s next favorite game. Favorite Game: Make Your Own File Folder Game for Kids

Favorite Game  

I love to make open ended file folder games for my son  and I to play. They are super easy to put together and can be used over and over again to work on various concepts.

Make Your Own  

What do you need:  
  • manilla or colored file folder
  • path shapes or stickers
  • game pieces
  • task cards

File Folder Game

A simple  manila  file folder opened wide that is decorated with a path for your game piece to travel on. You could use a colored folder instead. They make really pretty game boards. We have a lot of manila folders at our house so, they tend to be what we use. Game Path We have used garage sale dot stickers, character stickers and paper cut outs for our path. The smaller your shapes of stickers the more complicated you can make your path.  This path is made of paper shamrocks I cut out with an shape press at my son’s preschool. They shamrocks were place in an arch shaped to resemble a rainbow. Game Piece The game needs pieces to move all the path you create. We have used old game markers, buttons, and noodles to name a few. It really depends on the theme of the game as to what kind of markers we use. For this game I found clip art pictures of  leprechauns that I printed and then cut out. File Folder Game {Make Your Own} - Kids love them!

Game Tasks

Task cards can review a wide variety of skills. Above the game board you will see some of  the skills my son and I are working on. I cut rectangles out of construction paper. Index cards make great task cards too. Here are some ideas of skills you could put on task cards:
  • letter recognition
  • number recognition
  • shape recognition
  • sight words
  • math facts
  • blank cards can be mixed in and used for mystery cards ( The person who picks it can choose a task.)
  • vocabulary review
  • spelling words
  • rhyming words
You can probably think of a million different file folder game themes and ideas for task cards for your children to work on. All you need to start is file folder, path maker, game piece and skill you want to work on.

More Kids Activities

Kids play lots of games but usually have one or two that are a favorite game.  Have you or your child ever tried to make your own game?  For more games and kids activities, we hope you enjoy these ideas:

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