I have a little issue with bread. I like bread. So does my offspring. Blog-Stedman is more of a meat and potatoes (minus the potatoes) kinda guy, but he is a bread snob.   For instance, he requires the proper type of bread for each situation. Don’t even think about putting a hot dog into a modified hamburger bun…that won’t fly. This has resulted in a very large bread basket on my kitchen counter. Embarrassingly large. Each trip to the grocery store includes several loaves of bread.   If I make it to the bread store, I pretty much buy one of everything from that day’s baking. I believe in carbo loading. When I host parties, I usually hide the embarrassingly large bread basket in the pantry along with the embarrassingly large chip bucket.   These obsessions come in pairs. Last party, I forgot. Later in the evening two people came up to me and said, “What is the story on all the bread?   Do you have ducks?” I mumbled something about three growing boys while gazing over at the basket overflowing with wheat-y goodness.   I started to do some verbal math, but it all seemed like a flimsy excuse for our little bread habit so I trailed off and diverted the conversation… Look, something shiny! At breakfast this morning I was again gazing at the basket wondering if it was excessive.   I rarely throw out moldy bread. We seem to always be in need of bread. How do others get by with less? About that same time, Reid(7) called out, “Hey mom, look at my strawberry jam sandwich!”

That might be E.B.J – Excessive Bread Justification.

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  1. thats adorable…

    i’ve worked hard to greatly reduce our bread consumption. Recently, however, we have fallen head over heels (no pun intended) in love with Dave’s Killer Bread. I suggest, if you haven’t had it, that you try. my mom, who is visiting us from podunk new mexico, is planning to smuggle a years supply of said killer bread onto the plane, when she returns home. It is amazingly good… Even my husband, who tends to turn green and convulse upon the approach of ultra healthy breads, can’t get enough and has refused to eat any other type of bread- EVER…

    try it…

    but really, here’s my question: why is there never a segment in your potluck entitled “what’s in my bread basket?”

  2. I just made two loaves of homemade bread last night for our dinner…. I LOVE homemade bread warm out of the oven. Wanna come over?

  3. Even with only a family of three, we still go through at least two loaves a week. Bring on the carbs!

  4. That is great that your son is so intuitive to know the exact moment that you need a justification 😉 .
    I wish my male household members were more snobby about bread, cause I’d love to buy more of the interesting bread!
    Love that quadruple decker! I might have to print out that picture and post it on the fridge!

  5. Its a miracle if there is bread in my house. I am know for picking apart a hamburger and leaving the bread on the plate.

    My brother however is not a bread snob. One day when having no bread for a Peanut Butter Sandwich improvised with left over hot dog bun (probably mine) before a baseball game. He had such a great game that day – it became habit. He had to have PBHDB (Peanut Butter Hot Dog Bun) prior to every baseball game.