Digital notebooks and cellphone apps might be convenient, but there’s nothing like real notebooks made from printable paper! If you’re looking for cute printable notebook paper, then you’re in the right place! We’ve got some seriously cute straight line notebook printable templates for you to print, decorate and use exactly as you like! 

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Vertical-lined black & white notebook papers on top of an aqua colored page with a gray stone background and multi-colored letters and chalk pieces scattered around.
how are you going to use your cute printable notebook paper?

Let’s face it – When it comes to personal use, printable stationery has so much more character and feel than digital alternatives. You can feel the pen or pencil on the paper, you can smell the paper, and the sky is the limit when it comes to different printable designs and decorations. 

Black & white vertical-lined notebook paper with one horizontal left-side margin and stars, a sun, clouds and a rainbow drawings as patterns.
get colorful and make your notebook paper remarkable!

Our first printable notebook paper template has horizontal lines and one vertical line as a margin. It includes cute sun, clouds, stars and rainbow designs which bring the paper to life and add lots of character!

Vertical-lined black & white notebook papers on top of an aqua colored page with a gray stone background and multi-colored letters and chalk pieces scattered around.
how cool is this yummy-themed notebook paper?!

Our second cute printable notebook paper template also has horizontal lines and a single vertical lined margin – But this one come with yummy tempting treats as designs, including donuts, cupcakes & ice-cream.


Cute Printable Notebook Paper coloring pages are sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

  1. Make Beautiful Greeting Cards For Friends and Family – Whether it’s for birthdays, special occasions or just to express your love for someone close to you, there’s nothing like a real greeting card made from printable paper! You can play with the paper size and type of paper to make greeting card unique and extra special. 
  2. Old-School Grocery List – This free printable writing paper is a great way to ensure that you or your parents never forget those special little extras from the grocery store! And kids, remember that if you’re in charge of the grocery list paper, you’re in charge of the grocery list too! 
  3. Magnificent Music Paper – Music writing is another great way to make the most of your printable notebook paper – Fill those horizontal lines with notes, chords and the beautiful lyrics you create! 
  4. Handy To-Do List – These printable lined paper templates make the the perfect to-do list – You can print out the PDF files and stick them on your notice board or bedroom wall.
  5. Letter Paper – Many young people don’t remember the days when all communication was done by writing letters. And yet today, with all this technology, all of us have to admit that the feeling of receiving a real paper letter beats any text or email! Use different colors and different styles to make the most personal and special letters. 
  6. Educational Uses – Elementary school, high school and college students could all use the free printable lined paper for things like lesson notes, study notes, or to jot down pretty much anything needed for your studies. 


Cute Printable Notebook Paper


With cute printable notebook paper printables, the sky is the limit for how you decorate and use them – How many fun ideas can you come up with?

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