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First Friday Women logoFirst Friday Women meet at Harkins Theater on the first Friday of each month, September through May.   Phenomenal speakers a scheduled each month to provide inspiration and support to women striving to be their very best as they struggle   with all the challenges that life throws at us.

She Is Dallas Info:   First Friday Women is held on the first Friday of each month, unless it is bumped to the second Friday due to a holiday.   The events are held in the Harkins Theater located at 1450 Plaza Pl in Southlake, (817) 310-0345.   For more information, please visit the First Friday Women website.   You can also follow First Friday Women on Facebook and First Friday on Twitter.

Promptly at 11:00am, you will be welcomed and have the chance to win incredible gifts and services provided by local businesses. If the featured speaker is also an author, you may purchase books and have them signed after the event. They make great gifts “ so come with your gift list for yourselves and others!

Join First Friday Women this Friday, September 9th to kick off their new season.

The speaker will be   Dr. Kevin Leman who will have a special two hour event to start this super series of events.

Making Sense of the Man in Your Life 9:45 “ 10:45 am
Have a New Kid by Friday 11:00 “ 12:00 pm

Getting behind the eyes of men & learning how your behavior can allow your mate to change, will open this very special season of First Friday. Dr. Leman, renowned Psychologist, is one of the most profound experts & hilarious speakers you will ever encounter. But after you learn to understand more about male thinking, you may still need help with your children! So in the second message, you ™ll receive a Monday through Friday action plan to set your kids ™ attitude, behavior and character on a different course. Bring everyone you know ”you ™ll be elated that you didn't miss this First Friday.

Future speakers include:

October 7, 2011 “ Dr. Barbara Byers, Grace for Addiction

Addiction is the current buzzword in the media. But what is true addiction& is there lasting hope for the addicted? This enlightening message will show you how to recognize increasing dependency which leads to addiction, the causes of addiction, & facilitating recovery ¦ to reverse a legacy of pain & desperation to a legacy of hope and health.

November 4, 2011 “ Jimmy Evans,   Confrontation 101  “ How to Get Real in Your Relationships

What happens when you finally confront your spouse, friend or someone who has offended you? Do you carry the offense inside then finally explode? As a marriage/relationship expert, Jimmy will give tools for you to be confident in your ability to resolve conflict & experience healthy, fulfilling relationships. This is one of the best teachings we ™ve ever heard on confrontation. You ™ll leave equipped to be a success in this area!

December 2, 2011 “ Jingle your Sprit, Debbie StuartThere is a priceless gift every woman would love to have this Christmas that doesn't cost any money. If you have one, then you know the value of it. Find out what you can give to a woman that will make a lasting impression, leave a legacy and in some cases, change the course of history. Create a holiday experience with girlfriends,  using this First Friday & the time afterward together to celebrate the gift of your relationships & the once-a-year focus on the gift that God offers at Christmas.


  1. Emonne@BeautyMarkedMom says:

    I cannot WAIT to attend these events! I live near the Southlake area and will be delighted to hear these dynamic speakers! I’ll be sure to tell my friends. Exciting!

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