Far Flutterby {Karen Kingsbury} Book Activity: Metamorphosis

Far Flutterby  by Karen Kingsbury is my daughter’s favorite book.  It’s a beautiful book about the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.  Kids Activties Blog hopes that your child enjoys creating their own metamorphosis with this simple book activity.

Far Flutterby {Karen Kingbury} Book Activity: Metamorphosis

Far Flutterby

Far Flutterby is a story about Cody the Caterpillar.  Cody is sad and wonders if there is something more to life than just crawling on the ground.   From a beautiful bird and a butterfly, he hears about the land of Far Flutterby and how God has great plans for him.  Cody is patient and has faith through the hard times.  His reward is his beautiful transformation into a soaring butterfly.

My daughter likes to tell this story over and over so we did this fun book activity to let her experience metamorphosis in her own way.

Book Activity

We started with just basic markers, construction paper, and scissors.  I love activities that I can just pull supplies out of the closet.

She folded a piece of construction paper lengthwise “hot dog style”.  I drew a kind of lima bean shape on the fold of the paper.  We talked about what a cute caterpillar this would make and my daughter couldn’t wait to cut it out.

Book Activity for Far Flutterby by Karen Kingsbury {Metamorphosis}

She decorated her caterpillar with stripes, an eye and a sweet smile.

Metamorphosis book activity for Far Flutterby by Karen Kingsbury


Once the caterpillar was complete I told her to open up the paper.  Surprise!  Through metamorphosis she now had a butterfly to decorate too!  She gave her butterfly a body, a face, and lots of colorful dots on the wings.

Butterfly metamorphosis: Far Flutterby Book Activity for Kids

She happily showed her caterpillar to butterfly metamorphosis to her brother and then again to her daddy.

She is so proud of what she has learned about metamorphosis through this book and she loves to show off her Far Flutterby creation to everyone she sees.

Far Flutterby Metamorphosis Book Activity for Kids

I just love the end of Far Flutterby which states, “The struggle, the struggle…is what gives you wings!”

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Far Flutterby  is a great book to teach kids about caterpillars and butterflies.  And a hands-on book activity like this just makes the concept even more clear for young children.  For more great kids activities, you might want to take a look at these:

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