Here are some activities to go along with the wonderful Mo Willems book,  Knuffle Bunny.  There are so many wonderful choices in  kids literature but any story can come to life for a child if you throw in a few book inspired activities.  Kids Activities Blog is hopes you and your child enjoy this exciting activity together.

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Knuffle Bunny

We are huge Mo Willems fans in our house and we have quite a collection of his stories. One of our favorite Mo Willems ™ books is Knuffle Bunny, a story about a toddler named Trixie and her favorite stuffed animal, Knuffle Bunny. In this story, Trixie, her father, and Knuffle Bunny travel to the Laundromat one afternoon.   Trixie helps her father with the laundry and, on their way home, realizes that Knuffle Bunny is missing.   She tries to communicate this to her father, but since she does not yet have the words to express what is happening, her father just thinks she is having a tantrum.   When they arrive home, her mother discovers that Knuffle Bunny is missing and the three of them run back to the Laundromat and search frantically for Trixie's favorite toy.   Once they find it, Trixie utters her first real words, Knuffle Bunny. This is an adorable story.   What makes it very unique is the combination of illustration (the characters) and photography (the scenery).   As Trixie and her father travel to the Laundromat, they pass by several neighborhood landmarks, such as a school and a park, all of which are photographed in black and white.   It is an interesting contrast to the bright cartoon character illustrations.

Kids Literature

When my nephew was in Kindergarten, his class did a Mo Willems author study and they used Knuffle Bunny for one of their projects.   First, they went on a neighborhood walk.   Then, each student chose his or her favorite location and used the camera to take a digital photograph of that spot.   They were also involved in the basic photo editing process.   This included cropping their photos as well as turning them from color to black and white.   Then, using colored pencils, they drew their self-portraits, cut them out, and added them to their photos.

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Book Inspired

The end result was so cute! While my son is a tad too young to draw his self-portrait at this time, we decided that we would still do this Knuffle Bunny project, but work on it together.   He chose the location for the photo, our local playground, and I helped him get set up so he could take his picture.   He asked me to draw his portrait, and as you can tell from the picture, I am not much of an artist.   Still, I did my best.   He instructed me on what colors he wanted to wear and where he should be placed on the photo.

Kids literature - Here are some adorable book inspired activities for kids from the book Knuffle Bunny {Literature for kids}

The possibilities are endless with this Knuffle Bunny activity.   For example, once we finished the project, my son used his paper cut-out to act out a scene from the playground: “Mama, look at me!   I’m going up the ladder.   I’m heading over to the slide now.   Catch me at the bottom!” He has since asked if we can add other family members and locations too (I guess I ™ll have to work on my drawing skills).   We may even go so far as to laminate our photos and compile a little book of our favorite spots and keep with it an envelope filled with his favorite characters in the whole world “ his family. Special thanks to my nephew for allowing me to use his project and to Yelda Adiguzelli-Dugan from Stevens Cooperative School in Hoboken, NJ for granting me permission to share this idea.

More Kids Activities

What is your favorite kids literature?  We have quite a few more ideas for book inspired activities from some of your favorite children’s books so check back here soon.  Until then, here are a few more fun kids activities to keep your little ones focused on books: Affiliate links used in this post supports Kids Activities Blog – Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a fantastic idea! My son loved Knuffle Bunny and Knuffle Bunny Too when he was a baby, so much so that I used to recite them to him in the line at the grocery store, but didn’t let me read them to him for about two years until recently, when he let me read Knuffle Bunny Too once. I think he worries too much about being separated from his stuffed animal friends! But this would be fun to do whether or not he ever lets me read the books to him again.