water water everywhere

For extra credit…

Which picture above was followed by sputtering and screaming resulting in a motherly lecture?


  1. My guess is #4 – looks like a pic before dunking – we ALWAYS got in trouble for dunking – but maybe because my bro didn’t want to let go and keep me under water… oh sibling rivalry


  2. LOVE the pic of one of the boys fully under the water with all the bubbles coming up…soooo neat!!

  3. the one of ried about to baptize rhett

  4. I’m guessing it’s the picture right before the dunking (#4 if you count the strip of water as #1). Your pool is beautiful!

  5. The Dunk, of course! Is this your new pool? If so, we will have to send Stedman and the boys off and have a Cammie come visit and tweetup with some of my new DFW girl friends! If you can do it soon, I can drive the Chevy Malibu there!

    Actually, I could be REALLY bad this week and get sent to a “Mom’s Time Out” all the way in DFW!


  6. #3. What’s my prize?
    I love pictures in the water. They always look so crisp and clean.

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