Finding a kids menu of food that will get kids to eat is sometimes challenging with picky eaters.  That is why we here at Kids Activities Blog LOVES what we are sharing today. Yesterday we featured Creative Kid Snacks as this week’s best blogs pick.  Today we are sharing some of our favorite kids menu ideas from Amy who really knows how to get kids to eat! Kids menu

Kids Menu

Blueberry Grover – Super cute way to get kids excited about eating fruit…and lots of it!  I love the idea of Grover in berries. Solar System – Each planet is carefully crafted in fruit.  Perfect for a snack or  impromptu lesson on space. Airplane Healthy Dessert – A banana airplane flies among whip cream clouds.  Kids won’t even realize that they are eating healthy with this kids menu dessert idea! Flower Pot Snack – This could be modified in so many ways for so many snack time themes.  Get kids to eat some of their favorite foods next to a new one or two. Hot Air Balloon Lunch – The four food groups were never so full of fun!  I need to add this lunch to MY meal plan. Cottage Cheese Lamb – This adorable lunch is as tasty as it is cute. Up! – If you have a movie fan in the house, this interpretation of UP! may be the perfect way to get kids to eat at your house. The Very Hungry Caterpillar – A favorite book at breakfast! The Flood – Bible stories told with bread and cheese. Mickey – Breakfast fun with a favorite Disney character.  I love how this kids menu breakfast is a buffet of oatmeal toppings! Winnie the Pooh – The hunny on this plate is bee-free. Hello Kitty Lunch – Super cute for the Hello Kitty fan at your table.

Get Kids to Eat

Creating a kids menu that has a lot of variety and tons of fun can help kids try new things…and eventually get kids to eat the healthy things that they need.  Often kids need to be presented with a new food multiple times before they even WANT to try it – it could be as many as a dozen times – so don’t give up.  When mealtime isn’t a battle time, then things go much more smoothly as well.

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  1. This is an amazing idea. Please could you let me know the details. I am a nursery cook and I am always thinking of ways to encourage the children who range from 6mnths to 4years of age.

  2. Pooh bear food is cute and all are very creative decorations. I am going to try this. I am sure my kids will enjoy the meals a lot.