Christi Harris’s Ultimate Beauty Experience and Lesson

I have a DOUBLE FEATURE deal for you gals (and guy) on this Monday morning.

First up is Christi Harris’s Ultimate Beauty Experience and Lesson

With experts on facials, makeup, skin care, eyebrows and hair styles, the only thing missing from Christi Harris’s Beauté Playground is a swing set. $49.95 gets you one See It. Learn It. Do It. Ultimate Beauty Experience  educational lesson at Christi Harris Beaute Playground, a $109 value.

Recognized as one of the top beauty experts in North America “ and featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, Tyra Banks Show,  CBS, NBC, ABC, and a bevy of national magazines and blogs – Christi Harris leverages her years of beauty experience to deliver this personalized, comprehensive All Things Beauty  lesson to women and girls of all ages. Using a step-by-step instructional workbook, one of Harris's trained and highly skilled specialists will employ a series of beauty techniques to reveal each woman's optimum style, while educating her on the proper methods to replicate it at home. You will learn:
*How to easily maintain healthy skin on a daily basis and experience an 8-step facial
* Techniques for age-appropriate makeup application and your lifestyle needs
* Sculpt or lift your face with hi-lighting and contouring effects
* Camouflage sagging skin, puffy eye or dark circles
* Learn special occasion and daytime makeup applications and techniques
* Learn how to use cosmetic brushes to blend and create a chiseled bone structure
* Learn how and where to apply color to create specific looks for your lifestyle
* Learn how to achieve a flawless look all day long, no touch ups required
* Precision Brow Planing lesson, NO TWEEZING. NO WAXING. NO THREADING. NO PAIN.
* Learn to easily shape and naturally shade brows to fit your individual facial structure, no more sisters…just twins
* Learn how to fill in sparse brows to mimic hair and show fullness without the penciled affect
* Create a magazine brow that you can duplicate and never be at the mercy of someone who may destroy your brows forever.
*Hair Analysis: understand why your hair may be limp, frizzy or brittle
*Hair consultation: Stylists will advise you on the perfect cut or perhaps color after you have achieved your ultimate look (cut and coloring not included in this package).

Unlike similar beauty establishments, Christi Harris Beauté Playground functions as a classroom first and a salon second. Instead of pushing the trendiest look or selling the latest product, the focus is placed upon personal attention. Through a close relationship with her specialist, each woman will gain the confidence to refine and take ownership of her own beauty regimen in an educational environment. After completing the session, each client can meet with her personal stylist for follow-up tips for tutorial tune-up techniques – free of charge and as often as needed “ for life! That is serious business right there.

So here is the “deal” on these two “DEALS”. They are BOTH available at two locations but you must purchase the “DEAL” at the location of your choice. Got it? Good. I will link you directly to each location just to be nice since it is a Monday and some of  us are a little slow to get going. Yes, I am talking mainly about myself but surely there are others out there. *wink.wink*

Click on  this link  to purchase the Christi Harris  “DEAL” at the  Halcyon Days Salons & Spas at the Nieman Marcus-Northpark location.

Click  this link  to purchase this “DEAL” at the  Premier Atelier Salon & Spa  location.


Next up is  Precision Brow Planning Service & Lesson at Christi Harris Beauté Playground.

A misshapen, unkempt eyebrow Рmuch like a full-sized yellow school bus Рcan take forever to wax, and is an embarrassing way to show up to prom. Avoid the bushy-eyed blues with today's deal: $14.50 gets you one Precision Brow Planning service and lesson at Christi Harris Beaut̩ Playground, a $29 value.

Christi Harris's exclusive Precision Brow Planing system allows women to measure, shape and shade a proportioned brow without the painful waxing and tweezing of traditional methods. During the 20-minute process, a trained beauty specialist will teach each client to measure her own brow map  for proportion and symmetry, and to properly trim and shape each brow with the precision Planer “ a small serrated tool designed by Harris herself to sculpt the brow while avoiding uprooting of the follicles, a common practice in traditional methods that can cause permanent damage. After careful shaping and thickening, if necessary, the specialist will apply Harris's Adda Brow to cover any bald or sparse spots while blending to find the perfect look for each woman's facial structure.

Unlike similar brow shaping services, Harris's process allows a specialist to employ proper techniques to achieve the desired look, while educating each client on the methods to replicate that look at home. Harris's philosophy is to empower women to refine their own personal beauty routine and discover the style that works for each woman, instead of the one style for all women.

Click this link for the Christi Harris location at the Premier Atelier Salon in the Preston Sherry Plaza – Dallas.

Click this linkfor the  Halcyon Days Salon & Spa at Neiman Marcus, Northpark Location.  

Oh and don’t forget that  10% of your purchase goes to a local charity/nonprofit. The current local charity/nonprofits you can choose from are:

The Samaritan Inn

JDRF – Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Big Brothers Big Sisters

She Is Dallas info:  GoHYHO is a supporter of She is Dallas. They are a local deal site and 10% of every buyer's purchase goes to one of 5 local charity/nonprofit of their choice.

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