Bedford Snoball, The Best Snow Cones in the Mid Cities Area

You have not had a snow cone until you try one from Bedford Snoball. You certainly want to add them to your summer bucket list!

She Is Dallas Info:   Bedford Snoball is located at 2201 Pipeline Rd., Bedford, Texas 76039. They can be reached via phone at 817.354.9599. Their prices are incredibly   affordable ranging from $0.50-$3.50. They have a bazillion different flavors (maybe that is a little bit of a exaggeration) and they even have a drive-thru. Take your snow cone home to enjoy, or use their picnic tables in the shade to dine-in. They are open daily from 2p-9p from March’ish to October’ish.

Bedford Snoball has been serving snow cones to the mid-cities area since 1976 and they know how to make a mean snoball!  They have a flavor to suit everyone’s fancy.

If you do not see a combination or flavor on their list, just tell them what you’re looking for and they can make it for you. They made this concoction for my five year old who wanted a Sponge Bob snowcone.

He slurped every ounce.

Are you daring with your snow cones?

You can add sprinkles, or gummy bears, or sour treats to the top. You   name it- they can do it.

You can even add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the bottom of your snow cone.

The options are endless.

And dirty fingernails? They are a sign that summer is being enjoyed.

So are snow cones.

One thing you’ve gotta try is their Strawberry Shortcake snow cone. My friend Kim, who drives from Haslet to enjoy the greatness of this gem with us, calls it a  designer snow cone.

Made from a family recipe, they take their freshly made strawberry jubilee and mix it with the snoball. Then they add in some cream and top it off with whipped cream. Even better, you can add chopped pecans as well. I like them under the whipped topping.



A must try this summer.

Not a snow cone person?

They sell Blue Bell ice cream by the scoop as well.

And cotton candy, nachos, bottled water, assorted candies, etc.

Just sayin’.


There is a size for everyone. This pee wee is perfect for pint sized snow coners.

Isn’t it cute?

So the next time you’re in the area, you’ve gotta stop by. You can thank me later.

You can always make a dentist appointment when you’re done.

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  1. How did I live in the HEB area my whole life and not know about this place before???

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