Friday is  our our “fun” day.   We spend the day playing with LEGOs, playing pretend together and going to the Library.   Here are a few of the books we have on our “to-get” list next time we venture to the library.   All of these books are about the days of the week.   Kids Activities Blog hopes you’ll enjoy these books and all the other wonders that await at your local library.

book recommendations

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Today is Monday, by Eric Carle. This is a silly book about the different foods that the “hungry children eat up”. Seven Days in a Week, part of the Little Bunny Series by Dianne Miller. A cute book with quaint illustrations discussing the patterns and rhythms of a week. Sun-day, Moon-Day: How the Week was Made, by Cherry GilChrist & Amanda Hall. This book discusses the mythology and fables regarding the naming of the days of the week. My Week/Mi Semana, by Gladys Rosa-Mendoza. Help your children learn the days of the week as well as counting and colors both in English and in Spanish with this bi-lingual story.    

Days of the Week

The Week, by Mary Lindeen. This is a non-fiction picture book filled with rhymes to help your kids learn the background of the days of the week. Someday is not a Day, by Denise Brennan-Nelson. This is a cute book about how Max is looking for the day when he can do all the things promised for “someday”. Cookie’s Week, by Cindy Ward – follow a super silly cat through the adventures and antics of it’s week. Day by Day a Week Goes Round, by Carol Diggory Shields.   Learn the months of the year and the days of the week with these rhymes. One Monday Morning, by Uri Shulevitz.   This is an incredibly cute story about a boy who had visitors who came to see him only he wasn’t home, and each day they come back to see if he is there with another character. Queen Vernita’s Visitors, by Dawn Menge.   Learn about the months of the year and the days of the week with this childhood tale of a far-away magical kingdom. Where do the Monday’s Go? by Patricia Sloan.   An unusually illustrated book to describe the words of the days of the week.   Fun for kids to read (and look at). .

What books are your kids reading??

More Kids Activities

Spend Friday at your local library.   You can pick  up a few of these books to  help your  child learn the days of the week but there are so many other great books to be found at your library.   Here are a few other  kids activities with books and libraries:

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  1. I printed out a “fables” unit from you for my eldest a few years ago, and now want to do it with my youngest… but I can’t find it anywhere! Can you help please? Thanks. 🙂

  2. This is great! We are in the process of learning days of the week and these will definitely be added into our lessons!! Thank you so much for sharing!! 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for the recommendations! I’m not familiar with several of these, and we’ll check them out!