Save Money on Rebates with GoRebate Mobile Rebate Shopping App

GoRebate MobileToday's consumers demand great deals “ through things like extreme couponing, flash marketing sites and rebates “ and no customer expects to pay full retail price.  

She Is Dallas readers are privileged to be one of the first to hear about the latest way to help keep more money in your pocket.

GoRebate Mobile, launching today, taps into consumers ™ desire to save, and save big, on demand.     Consumers are able to download (for free!) the first-ever mobile rebate shopping app available for both iPhone and Android: GoRebate Mobile.

GoRebate Mobile is designed to provide consumers with the ability to find great rebate deals on the go, track the status of submitted rebates, receive alerts when a rebate deal is nearby and more.

She Is Dallas Info: For more information about GoRebate Mobile, download the application for free in the iTunes App Store or Android Market, or visit the GoRebate website.   You can also follow GoRebate Facebook and GoRebate Twitter.

GoRebate Mobile allows consumers to easily enjoy a robust rebating experience, including:

  • Be presented with available rebates based on their current location
  • Browse for rebates in their area either by retailer or product category
  • Access rebate terms and conditions
  • Share specific rebate promotions with others via text, email, Facebook or Twitter, or tag them for a reminder at a later date
  • Track submitted rebates to see where they are in the redemption process
  • Track the card balance of their rebates paid out on prepaid cards issued by Parago
  • Set alerts for rebates by proximity and frequency
More than 83 percent of consumers are actively seeking rebates, and GoRebate Mobile delivers high-value rebate deals to consumers, based on where they are. Consumers everywhere are loving rebates: I am a total rebate fan,  stated blogger Las Vegas Coupon Mom. The rebate is sort of like free money,  she continued. [Rebates] are worth the time and cost of the stamp to me. 

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