Save $5 on ANY deal coupon code TODAY (Monday)


We have another exclusive savings coupon code from Beget:

Save5 coupon code for Beget

Use the coupon code “SAVE5” and receive $5 off any Deal until midnight TODAY!

It is good for any DEAL on their site!

The special offer is limited to one per customer.

This is where I would normally do some fancy math facts on today’s deals, but I thought it would be fun for you to hop over to Beget and explore the deals while doing subtraction in your head.

She is Dallas info:   The coupon code is exclusive to a few websites/blogs working with Beget.   We are super excited to be one of them. is a Dallas deal site which is an advertiser and links in this article are affiliate.   To find all the daily deals on Beget, click through and then push the prev  and next  buttons on the right side above the daily deal and it will take you through all the deals in the Dallas area that are specific to today.   The longer deals are available down below.

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