Baker Brothers Tankless Water Heater deal with tax karma

Last week I wrote a little note about the Baker Brothers Plumbing initiative that goes to the end of June…

Buy a Rheem Tankless Water Heater and if the temperature stays below 100 degrees in July (based on DFW airport records), then it is free.

Rheem Tankless Water Heater for freeYep, that means you only have a few days to take them up on this.

I know you are thinking…a few HOT days.

I am hot too.

The deal is that according to DFW Airport, we had a sub-100 degree July in 2007.

The deal is good even if Texas lives up to it’s summer reputation because not only will you have an energy saving water heater that ONLY heats water when you need it, but there are tax breaks for many tankless water heater units.

Save on energy.

Save on taxes.

Pray for a cool summer.

She is Dallas info: Baker Brothers Plumbing provides full service plumbing services in the Dallas “ Fort Worth metroplex.   I am working with Baker Brothers to get the message about this deal broadcast online.   You can follow Baker Brothers on Twitter as @BakerBrosPlmbg and like them on FB.

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  1. Not only is tankless the way to go with water heaters, but Rheem products have some of the highest consumer ratings. It is a win, win!

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