the oh ya potluck

It is Monday.

It is Potluck.

Oh ya.*

*See how I take a theme and work it seamlessly in?

I am just SICK that Mother’s Day is over.

Sick.   Sick.   Sick.

Why you ask?

It is going to cut my blog traffic to a fraction of what I received last week.

Oh, that makes sense…Mother’s Day…you write a mommy blog.

Nope. My increase in traffic over the last week has nothing to do with all the mommy crap I write.   It has to do with the selling of Pajama Jeans as a gift to mom.   The radio ads were so intense that people were Googling up a storm about them and landing on my pajama jeans review by the 100s…

It’s OK.   I was used to writing to myself before.   I can get used to it again.

Last week was also a very good week for funny comments.   In response to my expose’ of eeny meeny, miny, moe:

“He's the ultimate spoiler  isn't he? Next he's gonna tell him how The Sixth Sense  ended. (please, don't let him do that someday. That would be just WRONG.) ” — Elaine

Thanks Elaine for reminding me to NOT show my 9 year old The Sixth Sense…anytime soon.

Last week several of you threw potlucks!   YAY.   Thanks so much.   If you are throwing a potluck this week, add your button to the Blog Hop below (please link DIRECTLY to your potluck post ONLY or I will remove your link and send you Beet Jello via mail).

Our unofficial potluck sponsor, Scrubbing Bubbles, is providing one of the potluck participants each week with a fabulous gift basket of   Bubble Nirvana…things to make morning madness disappear.

Last week’s winner is…

*drum roll*

Library Girl from Drifting Divergence!

You have until Tuesday night to link a potluck this week and be eligible for the fun spa basket which includes Scrubbing Bubbles new product, Extend-A-Clean.

Speaking of linking up…here is where you can do that:

You can add the Monday Potluck Blog Hop to YOUR potluck by clicking on the “get code” above.

And now for a little story…

The boys have been uninterested in everything in the world that doesn’t have to do with Legos and video games and candy.   But something has changed all that as indicated by the intense campaigning I have been the recipient of for a shopping trip.

The boys WANT to go shopping?

The boys NEED to go shopping.

What has changed their world? Those rubber band bracelet things that are shaped in animals.   Only they don’t have any yet because we haven’t found them.   Does anyone know where we can find this sought-after treasure?

And now for a new feature!

The Word I am working into conversation this week…

This feature was the potluck brilliance of Ash.   I love it and made a badge.   I think I am going to use her word from last week as my word for this week…work with me, people, it is new. You can play along at home!

The word is:   UNPRECEDENTED

Another feature my potluck can’t live without is…

Things I didn’t burn.

This gem was the brainchild of Martha.

This week I DID NOT burn:   instant oatmeal, popcorn, yogurt or popsicles.

And again, another feature my potluck can’t live without for another week is…

Confession of the Week.

This potluck addition was from Heidi who I believe outpotlucked me (totally a word) on her very first try.


My kids ate pizza for both lunch and dinner one day last week.

*duck and run*

Let’s find out What is in Holly’s Fruit Bowl!

Three orange pencils that say GAME TRUCK, a red pen, a glue stick sans cap, a 9 foot piece of blue curling ribbon, a silver gum wrapper, a pair of safety scissors and a purple Hot Wheel.

Thanks for stopping by the Monday Potluck today…

I hope that your day is unprecedented.


  1. Becky Pearce says:

    I hear they have those rubberband bracelets at a stand in Grapevine Mills Mall. I also don’t remember the name of them and we also don’t have any. But my son has been begging for them. Oh, Silly Bandz! That’s what they’re called. We told him boys don’t wear bracelets to avoid them. Now every little boy we see at the grocery store and restaurants and stores and… They all have them. So I finally asked a lady at Subway yesterday.

  2. I slept for at least 5 hours solid last night. Sadly that is an unprecedented amount of sleep for me. I have never seen or heard an ad for pajama jeans. If it wasn’t for your blog I would not even know they exist. I need to make some buttons for my potluck stuff. I totally forgot I wanted to do a word this week.

  3. I’m a badge! Unprecedented awesomeness.

    I guess that means I better get my potluck fanny moving on a post.

    Those Silly Bandz – urg – try Brilliant Sky. I think Justice might also have them as well. We get our WebKinz there. It’s fun to go in a store where salespeople totally avoid you because you have boys in tow.

  4. We live in Austin and found Silly bandz this weeked at Lakeshore Learning store, and the Hallmark store. Good Luck

  5. Yes, there is a Sillybandz kiosk at Grapevine Mills Mall in front of the Children’s Place store. I found this out after calling every other store the entire area, only to find out that every other store seems to be sold out nation wide. Why did I look for silly rubber bands? Who knows? The kiosk had a good selection as of last Friday. Happy hunting!

  6. I saw some of those animal and car shaped rubber band things at Walgreens last week. They were in a plastic container (shaped like a small barrel) at one of the spare registers at the front of the store. There was a mom and two kids frantically going though them. Luckily my kids (5 and 7) haven’t mentioned them yet. (Keeping my fingers crossed that they never do.)

  7. From my extensive search today, that is the ONLY place that isn’t sold out. I am going to have to make it down there tomorrow.

  8. Just a matter of time Beth. Just a matter of time!

  9. Oh Holly, I could never outpotluck you. If anything, I underpotlucked. It was really fun though and I’ve already made up some new buttons for my next one.

  10. We found those bracelets at the Hallmark Store next to Kroger. That was last Thursday…and they were sold out on Sunday. Maybe they get shipments on Thursday because when we were there, it looked like they had a LOT. Phoebe mentioned GVM, but no precise location, so that’s good to have. LOL

  11. I found a BUNCH of those bracelets at the end of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Magic Kingdom this week! 🙂

    Reese got one from his baseball coach as a reward for doing his baseball homework and Reese couldn’t have cared less about it. “What’s this for?” I had to explain what it was…glad he didn’t care 🙂

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