We love Christmas crafts at Kids Activities Blog. And painting is always an exciting activity for my kids. The kids perk up and become little responsible perfectionists who “won’t spill the water.” It’s fun to see this transformation! Check out this Christmas painting craft today.   You can create a painting activity using our Christmas Coloring pages. Simply print those pages out and then paint instead of color. You can also use these printables as a spelling game!  

Free Christmas Coloring pages - great for kids to paint

Painting Christmas Craft

To add some diversity to your painting, consider gluing some salt onto your page first. It adds dimension and as the watercolors hit the salt, giving the page a bit of sparkle! It’s the perfect addition to a Christmas Tree Coloring page– automatic “twinkle lights.”  Add pom-poms, sequins, or stickers as ornaments for your tree.  

Christmas Spelling Activity

For a spelling game, consider cutting out and painting the letters of “Christmas.” Your child can decorate their Christmas Dinner placemat with the letters. Have her trying to put the letters in order or see how many other words you can create with the letters C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S. 3 printable christmas coloring pages for kids

Printable Christmas Craft Pages for Painting


Other Christmas Printables 

Tell us about your favorite Christmas crafts in the comments!

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