GOOD MONDAY MORNING! Are you awake? Are you awake? Are you awake? At this point are you thinking, “Why is Holly so perky and annoying?” Because its potluck!

This one is dedicated to my brother because he said to me this week, “what’s with the potluck?” WHAT’S WITH THE POTLUCK? Potlucks don’t need an explanation! Of course, a few months ago he said, “what’s with the blog?” and now he is hooked. Yep, he will soon be bringing food to share.

My potluck contribution is yummy and nutritious. I pulled the juicer out of the cupboard that I have had for years, made a trip to Costco for large quanitities of fresh fruit and have been juicing my little heart out. My favorite is the pineapple, orange and banana combo. Drink up! It may help ward off all the illness crud that is going around these days and I want my readers to be healthy….although, if you are bored at home with nothing to do but read blogs…just kidding.

Against all odds this blog is being written with a cranky baby on lap.

During the weeks amd weeks we were sick (Illness Watch 2008…get your badge here) Reid(4) missed a karate class. He and Ryan(6) are in the same class so he is used to going with his brother. I took him to make up the class and his brothers were along for the ride. He started fussing before we got to the studio, but Reid can usually be talked out of a tantrum so I wasn’t too worried. We get there and it turns into a full-blown scream fest to the effect that he is NOT going to participate. Now what? I can’t reward this behavior by going home, but I can’t physically force him to participate. We ended up sitting and watching the entire class. That is a lot of fun, watching a karate class that your kid is not participating in with 3 boys….let’s do it again! Which is what we have to do because we still haven’t made up the class. Episode II, I load up the minivan with all the boys and tell Reid he has to participate (you might want to be taking notes on this amazing parenting technique). We get there and Reid starts to lose it again. He kicks and screams and cries. One of the female teachers takes him aside and talks to him, 10 minutes into the 30 minute class he is still in tantrum-mode. She brings him back and asks Ryan if he would help his brother by joining class. Ryan is a HUGE help and says yes even though he is not dressed for the occasion and was happily playing video games. The minute Reid hits the mat, his is a new person. In fact, within 1 minute he was volunteering to do something, huh? I can’t explain this one. Oh, the clencher was that AFTER class I found out that Ryan was a class behind as well so he could and should have been making up a class with Reid. Ugh. I can’t keep up.

Blog-Stedman broke down and bought “Rock Band” yesterday which is a derivitive of “Guitar Hero”. He is spookingly great at Guitar Hero. I am in favor of the singing portion of Rock Band. So, please come over because we need a bass player. I think he is wondering (like every teenage boy in America) why his mad skillz on Guitar Hero can’t translate to a more enjoyable employment. Unfortunately, it is not listed in the want adds or desirable on resumes.

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  1. I am also wondering why I can’t rock out like this on a real guitar. I love Guitar hero and I am almost afraid to look to see what this Rock Band thing is all about. You get to sing too? I will not go to I will not go to… I won’t I won’t..

  2. They are always outfoxing us. It sounds like Reid likes to have Ryan there and since that is the usual scenario, it threw him off to not have Ryan in the class. Possible? That is how my girl is..she gets thrown by sudden changes. Or, they could just be trying to make you nuts. 🙂

  3. Yeah for big brothers! Happy the karate class worked out in the end.
    Please add something for the over 21 crowd in my juice–I’ve had a fab day 😉