The grass is (getting) greener…

This week was like:


  1. Secret Agent Mama says:

    I love them all, but that first one is perfect, IMO.

  2. oh goodness! I want your weather 🙂 the second picture is my favorite…ooooh I want that grass!

  3. A Mom Two Boys says:

    Your grass pictures! Yay! Isn’t it so purdy when everything turns green. Our hills are finally green, before they dry out in a few months and go back to brown, so I’m trying to enjoy them now.

    I love the goggles picture with the tongue out. Too funny. Definitely keep that one on hand to share with girlfriends later in life. :0)

  4. Lots of good pictures, but that second one’s perspective is really cool.

    Have a great week!

  5. Wonderful pictures this week!! They’re all very artistic!!! And I would kill for your weather!! *sigh* Nope…it’s cold and rainy here…*lol*

  6. jennifer h says:

    Those are gorgeous. I love #2. And the berries. And the ones of the boys, especially the last with that sweet little crown of hair. Lovely.

  7. Beautiful pictures this week. I love the textures on the bricks.

  8. This is your best WW as far as I can see!Love the grass picture, number two is my favourite of this week! Looks like you’re enjoying some very nice weather there!

  9. Grass? Green grass? SO jealous!

  10. Wonderful weekly winners!!
    I about died when the hail started!! We were sitting on the couch listening to the rain and all of a sudden it sounded funny. We ran to the door and looked out and sure enough.. HAIL! In S. Texas. ARGH. Of course it’s like 80 out there now 🙂 What are you gonna do?

    Your pictures are awesome!! I’m off to mow our green, green grass now 🙂
    Have a great Sunday.

  11. Mackenzies Momma says:

    i love them all but would kill for grass that green. Around here we pay big bucks for green grass(hay).

  12. I love the berries! And I am so jealous of your green grass! It is still the middle of winter here, as you can tell from my Weekly Winners 😉

  13. Punk Rock Mom says:

    love the green grass. all the rain has made our back yard look lush!

  14. Beautiful yellow flower! 🙂

  15. baby~amore' says:

    I love this collection – the flower is my favourite.
    Thanks for visiting me.

  16. The berries are pretty!

  17. beautiful pics 🙂 The feathery flower (is it a dandelion?) is my favourite.

  18. I love the second shot — the grass with the kidlet in the background is great.

    Great photos!

  19. imaginary binky says:

    I’ll be in Texas next week. I’m looking forward to the green.

  20. Loved the pictures, especially the first one and the dandelions…

    Thanks for dropping by!

  21. Well you must be somewhere warmer than Oklahoma right now!

  22. These are beautiful!

  23. frog ponds rock... says:

    Great photos..

    cheers Kim 🙂

  24. Happy Campers says:

    As always your pictures are awesome! Let’s see…I love the stone path picture. Love the picture of swimming boy. And the grass picture looking up at Boy Child is awesome!!!

  25. beautiful pictures…and weather, it seems.

  26. Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) says:

    Love the second one and the dandelion.

    And we do have the same berries – heavenly bamboo! 🙂

  27. merrymishaps says:

    Great photos, I really love the bricks!

  28. OMG, those are all awesome! I love the one looking up from the grass.

    Thanks for visiting my winners.

  29. I love the bricks. great eye!

  30. maggie's mind says:

    Wow, all just gorgeous! I think the dandelion was my favorite, but it’s a tough call because I love them all!

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