Get 87% off My Tax Repair Services

If you have more than $10,000 in delinquent tax debt, you might feel like you’re in a hopeless situation. But speaking to a tax-repair specialist may rekindle some hope when you learn more about some of the solutions available.

The rules can be complex.

So get this DEAL to pay only $25 for one hour of delinquent tax debt consulting from My Tax Repair, normally worth $200. A tax-repair specialist will review your financial situation with you, advise you about which programs you would qualify for, and tell you how to go about getting back on the road to freedom from IRS tax liability.

About My Tax Repair

For most people, doing taxes is no fun. It’s like umm ¦ doing taxes. And if you get behind with back taxes, it can be a long, hard struggle to dig yourself out of that hole. My Tax Repair is a group of tax repair specialists and Certified Public Accountants dedicated to helping you solve your IRS tax problems. They can help you with filing or re-filing a tax return, filing an Offer in Compromise or appealing an IRS decision. You can get lost in the red tape. So let My Tax Repair help you cut through it.

She Is Dallas info: My Tax Repair is located at 1400 Preston Rd., Suite 400 in Plano. For more information, please call them at 877-847-1056.   Beget is a local deal company and advertiser with She Is Dallas.   All links in this post are affiliate links including this one.
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