Our kids have so much fun playing and creating with fall colors.   Here are some of the ideas of ways we have found that you can craft with color this autumn! Kids activities celebrating fall Color

Autumn Activities for Kids

Create leaf prints using a variety of different leaves and tempura paint.   If you want more dimension or texture in your prints, consider thickening your paint with a tiny bit of cornstarch or plaster of paris.   I love how these autumn leaf prints turned out. Do you have brilliantly colored fall foliage in your area?   We don’t and that is one of the things I miss the most from when I lived in New England.   Use the bright leaves in your area to make a leaf garland – it’s a great fall kids activity!   Don’t have bright leaves??   Maybe you/we can make one out of tissue paper leaves. We recently featured a collection of fall sensory tub activities.   Among the suggested items were dyed pasta noodles.   They make great leaves.   Here is a fun fall playdough activity featuring the pasta leaves. Make a whimsical fall art masterpiece with spaghetti.   This momma bunched her noodles up, cooked the bottom halves of each bunch and then used the floppy sides to paint with.   Love how her kids had a hard handle to hold as they painted. Colorful fall leaves are fun to look at, and even more fun to create and eat!   This is a great tutorial on how to make any multi-colored sugar cookies.     She makes it look so easy!   If you don’t want to use as much dye in your cookies, consider making them colorful with the help of edible paint.   You can paint your cookies with that recipe. Create some sweet patterns with apples and paint.   For this autumn painting activity the kids halved apples, dipped them into paint and had fun printing.

Fall Colors & Kids

How have your kids experienced color this fall?  Please stop by our FB page and post a picture or tell us about it!

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