Today we have an amazing California state coloring page. 

These free coloring pages feature the flag from the state of California. Grab your favorite coloring materials and get ready to download these coloring pages for your next social studies lesson plans.

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Image shows a stack of printable California flag coloring pages over a colorful background. Free coloring pages from Kids Activities Blog.
Kids of all ages will enjoy our free printable coloring pages!

Free Printable California Coloring Pages

The flag of California also known as the Bear Flag is one of the state flags in the United States that has an animal. Here are some facts about this state flag:

  • The bear in the center of the flag is a grizzly bear
  • In June of 1846, American settlers proclaimed independence of California territory during the Mexican-American War
  • In July of 186, the American Navy took over the land and replaced the flag with stars and stripes
  • In 1911, the bear flag became the official flag for California
  • The red star and bar on the bottom symbolize courage
  • The white background symbolizes purity 

Now that we know the flag’s history for the state of California, let’s take a look at what you might need to enjoy these coloring pages.

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Supplies Needed for California Coloring Sheets

This coloring page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

Downloadable PDF of California State Flag
Look how grand the California state flag is! 

California State Flag

This first coloring page shows the California State flag in front of the beautiful California landscape. Kids of all ages will enjoy coloring the grass green and leaving the background white. Coloring this flag of California is a fun way to learn about other facts like how the state tree is the redwood and California is also called the golden state.

Flag of California printable coloring pages
Look how the bear is the main point on this free printable California flag coloring page!

Flag of California

Our second California state flag coloring page features another printable version of this bear flag. Before you head out on your next road trip be sure to print this free California flag coloring page so you can create a book of flags for your kids to use while traveling through the states.

Download & Print Free California Coloring Pages PDF Here

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What new thing did you learn about the California flag?

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