These days you can never be too careful and if your kids are telling you something is wrong, it’s a good idea to listen to them.


Parents of 3-year-old Junior found this out after their toddler told them a voice keeps offering him ice cream a night through their Ring camera.

Like most parents these days, the camera was intended to help keep an eye on their son while he sleeps and plays alone in his room.

Never did they expect their camera would be hacked.


In the now viral video, you see the little boy expressing to his dad that someone is talking to him through the camera and he doesn’t want the camera on for that reason.

The dad then calls the mom in and she further investigates asking the little boy what he means. While it is originally in Spanish, the conversation goes:


3 year old boy: “Up there, up there, Daddy,”

Dad: “This? You don’t want it? Why?”

3 year old boy: “Because talking,”

Dad: “At night?”

Dad to Mom: “Junior is saying the camera is talking to him at night”

Mom: “This is talking?” she asks, pointing to the camera. Their son confirms. “What is it saying?” she asks.

3 year old boy: “It’s saying… Want ice cream”

Mom: “Is it a girl, or a boy?”

3 year old boy: “A boy”


And if that terrifies you, I totally get it. It terrifies me too!

According to the parents, this isn’t the first time their son has made these claims.

That night they turned off their Ring camera and proceeded to contact Ring customer support.


Ring support said there was no indications that their camera had been hacked but you can never be too safe! There are ways to protect yourself from this sort of thing.


According to Ring, the best way to protect yourself from this is to change your Ring passwords regularly and turn on two-factor authentication.

You can watch the video of the family talking about the ring camera incident below. Let this serve as a reminder to always listen to when your kids say something is wrong!

@franchelle0 Reply to @emelyn_o we unplugged the camera that night… #hacker #ringcamera ? original sound – Fran Chelle

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  1. They haven’t been hacked, why does modern press use the word so flippantly?

    They have either not changed the default password or share the same password with other sites which have been compromised. Hell, there’s a whole list of open and unprotected wifi cams around the world.

    Its about time people RTFM and learn how to set things up.