We have plenty of November activities to keep your child entertained.   Here is one great idea for teaching kids how to tell a story.   At Kids Activities Blog, we love activities that promote creativity and develop the art of story telling in young children.

november activities

November Activities

Storytelling is a wonderful activity for children, stretching their imaginations, developing their language skills and helping them practice the rules of spelling and writing.   Here are ten fun creative writing prompts you can use with your children, whatever their age.

How To Tell A Story

I’ve just discovered the magic ingredient that gets my sometime reluctant writer full of enthusiasm to put pencil to paper and make up a story: stickers! A sheet of stickers is an inexpensive way to add some fun to storytelling, and we can pick her favorite animals or characters to use. Even if my daughter is only in the mood for writing a few speech bubbles, the addition of the sticker characters gets her imagining and narrating her story out loud. Spoken story telling encourages her to imagine how her character would behave and invent lots of funny voices and conversations between them.

how to tell a story

Writing comics is a good way for reluctant writers to start telling stories. With the emphasis on illustration, it can be less overwhelming for them and great way to get them to begin writing their story down. You can also combine art and storytelling and make tiny matchbox books – much less daunting than a big, empty page to fill. Or try this ‘fill the blanks‘ idea from Marnie, with some free printables to get your started. We also like to use pirate maps to start stories, adding extra details to the map as the children invent new twists and turns to the plot. Sometimes we even play with our food! Snacks that come in different shapes such as fish and space rockets can be combined with drawing and writing to create fun stories. Or how about trying some edible ink for an unusual twist?

The Art of Story Telling

Creative story telling can be a whole family affair, developing strong bonds across generations. I love Rebecca’s idea for a story journal that’s posted backwards and forwards between children and their grandparents. For children who love writing, you can extend the breadth of their storytelling by offering creative writing prompts such as story starters, or taking the opening lines from films or well-know stories and inviting them to write their own versions. We love to use the force and try Star Wars stories!

How do you encourage your children to try creative writing?

More Kids Activities

November activities are always so wonderful as they include apples, pumpkins, colorful leaves, turkey, and family memories.   Hopefully these great ideas for how to tell a story will inspire your child to write down some of their own memories from this wonderful time of year.   For more memorable kids activities, take a look at these ideas:

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