Ebates: How I Saved 70% Off My Dinner Tab

I ™m in shock!   Dollar sign shock!   Where have I been that I haven't heard of Ebates?   For Mothers Day I love to not have to do a single dish, make a single meal or do any other chores, it's my gift to myself.   So we go out to eat ¦ and going out to eat can be expensive!   But not if you can game the system!   Here is how I managed to get $100 worth of restaurant food for $30.   *Swoon*   I get to have my cake and eat it too!


.restaurant deal in dallas-fort worth

How you can save tons on going out to eat:

1 “ Go to Ebates.com Give them your email.   A pain, but the savings are worth it.

2 “ Pick the category Gift Cards.

3 “ Go to Restaurant.com “ through the Ebates site.   This step will save you an extra 25%

4 “ Pick your favorite restaurant in your area.   I was impressed with the selection!   There were several chain places as well as authentic Japanese, Indian, Italian, and more.   Ebates has over 65 DFW restaurants listed within 15 miles of my house!

5 “ Use your money to pay for the sitter and go enjoy a meal!   Many of the restaurants even take reservations so there is no waiting in line!


Disclosure: Ebates is sponsoring Quirky Momma, but in no way does that effect my ecstatic dance of joy at a seriously discounted night on the town!

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