he's no mikey

Reid(6) slips under the radar in most situations.

Sometimes it is to the point being ignored.

Not intentionally…

He is the middle kid, the quietest kid and the kid who will sneak out of the chaos to find a corner to play.

We didn’t realize this was happening at meal time until this morning.

I had run out of Reid’s milk* at breakfast.

*I have 4 kinds of milk in the fridge for 5 people.   It is ridiculous and proof that we could never have survived as pioneers with just one cow.   Blog-Stedman and Ryan drink regular milk, Rhett and I drink soy milk and Reid drinks the lactose-free milk.   There is also Almond milk in the fridge because I wanted to try it and WHY NOT add another milk to the grocery list?

I asked him if he would like orange juice to drink.

I don’t like orange juice.

Who doesn’t like orange juice?

I have never tried it.

How can you be 6 and never tried orange juice?

I never did!

I poured him a glass and he tentatively examined it, smelled it and swished it around his glass.

Just try it already!

He looked at it again…

Are you sure I will like it?

Yes!   Just try it.

A few more minutes passed and he finally worked up the courage to try the glass of OJ.

A huge smile wrapped across his face and he said, I really like it!

Blog-Stedman walked in about that time and I told him the whole story emphasizing that Reid had made it to 6 years old without even TRYING orange juice and that I had to almost FORCE him to try it and then he liked it.

He was like that the other day with a doughnut.

A doughnut?

Yes, I took the boys to the doughnut shop and Reid refused to try one.   I MADE him take a taste…and a big smile came across his face and he said, I really like it!

So we have expanded Reid’s horizons with OJ and doughnuts…mean, mean parents.


  1. ok thats just sad!!

  2. that is sad.. have you been feeding him anything beside milk and cereal!?!??!

  3. NO OJ??? NO DONUTS??? Oh my. Tell that young man I have an 800 number I’ll pass along to him. ; )

  4. In our fridge right now:
    1. Cow’s milk: whole, 2% and skim.
    2. Rice milk.
    3. Soy milk.
    4. Carnation Coffee Creamer (raspberry chocolate mocha.)

    Please send help.

  5. You are almost as bad as I am…I forced my boy to go see Cinderella at Casa Manana yesterday. At the end? “I liked it!”. HA!

  6. No OJ or donuts…what kind of parents are you?! HAHA!

  7. I once force-fed my oldest Kraft Mac and Cheese. He refused to try it and I could not bear to let him have a childhood void of the iconic blue box of processed goodness. Once he tried it, of course he liked it.

    My other child is a totally different story. She eats a very limited diet and gags over any new food she tastes. We make for a lovely scene at a restaurant.

  8. Wow! My kids are the exact opposite and love trying new things. They actually beg for brussels sprouts!

  9. I’m new here but what I find most amusing about this story, and the reason I will be back, is that he got to the age of 6 and HIS PARENTS didn’t know he hadn’t tried these items.

    I have five different kinds of peanut butter and there are only three of us in the house.

  10. it is funny how kids really, REALLY, like their routines! No OJ! Crazy kid! We love the stuff over here.

  11. My 6 yr old would be half starved if he’d never had those two things before. (yes, we are working on our eating habits…). Okay, maybe just a quarter starved… 😉

  12. Almost milk is all me and the girls can stomach. The boys love their moo cow milk, but it makes the 1 bathroom to 6 people ratio incredibly inconvenient if Mommy drinks it.

    Being the middle child myself, I am right there with Reid.

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