We collect lots of things, acorns, artworks, stones from various places we have visited AND lots of great apps for kids.   These are just a few of the apps in our collection.   Kim, another Quirky Momma blogger has a collection of Free Educational Apps (that are amazing!!) and we have another collection of silly apps for kids.     Below are some of our favorite you-have-to-pay for apps.  

dozens of educational apps Educational Apps for Kids

ABC Mouse is by far our favorite educational app in our home. The company has a total of 4 different educational apps out which are geared towards children ages 2-8. They have an award winning curriculum which covers reading and language arts, math, science, health, social studies, art, and music. Here is a 30 day free trial to the ABC Mouse program to see if it is something that your kids would love! Preschooler Reading app.   Help your preschoolers sound out words and learn to read with the Bob Books Reading Magic series of interactive books.   We have personally used Bob Books to help two of our kids learn to read and am thrilled that they made an app that helps kids chunk words.   It is a really simple app. All Aboard!   Dinosaur train has a new app out that can help your child develop logical skills as they problem solve to fit the right passengers into the Dinosaur train cars.   If your kids like the show, they’ll enjoy this kids educational app. PBS has a new app based on the TV show, Super Why!   With the help of the app, kids can travel around the world on an alphabet adventure with Super Why!   This is a great educational app for kids As our children are moving from sounding out individual words to reading, they love the rhythms and giggles that Dr. Suess books provide – and they are all now available on a books for kids app.   The Dr. Suess Bookshelf app is free and there are a number of free “lite” versions of the books.   However, I was disappointed at the cost of individual books. Spelling City has a new learning app for kids that connects with their online services.   If you haven’t been using SpellingCity.com for spelling drills, games and test, you are missing out.   The majority of Spelling City is free {as is their app}, but if you want to save spelling lists there is a $30 per year fee.   It is something that I have used for several years and is money well spent.   Now with the new app, our spelling drills can go mobile.   I haven’t been this excited in a long time! literacy apps for kids... and a couple dozen other apps to help kids learn through games.

Apps for kids

Work on learning the alphabet with your child using Alphatots.   If you like this program, be sure to check out the rest of their selection, they also have a math version. We have also used the iWriteWords game for kids to help our preschoolers learn how to form letters.   This is a very basic game, my one-year old plays it to “throw the letters” and my 3 year old is learning the letters, how to write them and the way they sound with this program. Looking for a more “full” preschool program?   Best kids app for value is Bugs and Buttons.   It is a full program, with a wide variety of games to help preschoolers interact with letters, numbers and games that encourage deductive reasoning. Jumpstart is an app for early learners full of kids activities for learning letters, sounds, math and patterning skills.   My son loves the dog character! Want a literacy program that has scope and breadth?   The Smarty Pants App starts with the basics (letter recognition) but also works with sounding out words, moving to long vowel words and silent “e’s” as well as helps kids learn sight words.   This is a very comprehensive app – a top app for kids.

Math apps for kids - along with a couple other apps that your kids can learn from. Math Games for Kids:

Rocket Math is a scalable math program.   Awesome for math homework practice.   It covers 1-4th grade material and includes some spatial reasoning “missions”.   Definitely worth the 99 cents!!   This educational app gets 5 stars from us on value and engagement. Are you working with your kids on a specific skill?   Like adding numbers to 2 or easy division problems??   This is a great math app for kids in 1st to 5th grade – it has a wide range of problems and helps your kids practice and drill skills that they need to work on.   This app gets 4 stars for information covered (and three for engagement).   It was my favorite math app for my kids, NOT theirs. Looking for free??   Playful Minds has a math subscription.   You can play math games for free and as your child solves math problems they earn points to unlock new levels, or if you want more control over what they are working on, you can get a yearly subscription (i.e. pay a fee).   The lessons build on each other and seemed to hold my child’s attention.   This app gets five stars for value! Starting with your child at the beginning?   Not looking for division, and wanting to keep your preschooler engaged – Play123 is a simple, FREE educational app that helps your preschooler learn shapes, colors, patterns and counting with bright colorful shapes. Kids can practice what they’ve learned with this Math Bingo Game.   It is only 99 cents and covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.   Each “game” is laid out in a grid and to “win” you have to solve the answers to make “bingo”. Fish School is an app for preschoolers to help them recognize patterns and number correspondence.   It is a favorite of my 3 year old! .

What is your Top Kids App?

Do you have some beloved games that you kids enjoy and learn from??   I’d love to hear about them in the comments (or leave a link on the kids activities blog facebook wall). . Many thanks to the whole Kids Activities Blog team who contributed some of their favorites and to the other bloggers including, Alicia over at Dilly-Dali Art, who have contributed their favorites as well.   We were not financially compensated by any of these app companies (however, some of these we were given free download codes – we have not included all the apps that we have been sent to review in this round-up, just our favorites.   None of the links are affiliates and all opinions are our own :))

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