It was one of THOSE nights

It was already 20 minutes past bedtime.

All the baths were finished.

The boys were dry.

And pajama-ed.

The teeth were brushed.

The dirty clothes rested in the hamper.

The nightlights lit.

The proper blanket, teddy, pillow aligned.

And realigned.

Fresh water was arranged bedside.

Prayers were completed.

Questions were answered.

More questions were answered.

Questions were beginning to be ignored.

Did I mention it was already 20 minutes past bedtime?

Screams from one room ended with a reprimand and a threat.

Screams from another room ended with a reprimand and a threat.

More questions were ignored.

The hall light had been turned off as I tried to exit the scene.

Then back on due to another bedtime emergency.

Then off as I tried to exit the scene.

And then back on…

One more question that can’t wait until morning.

One more blanket arrangement that has to be JUST SO or sleep won’t happen.

One more glass of water that is colder and far superior and an absolute necessity.





The hall light is extinguished.   I get half way down the stairs.


Ignore it.   A few more steps.


Ignore it.   To the bottom of the stairs.


WHAT? Swift and angry change of direction.

Stomp.   Stomp.   Stomp.

FLICK.   The hall light goes back on.

Stomp.   Stomp.   Stomp.


The light from the hall filtered in as a soft spotlight on a 4 year old dressed in two-piece, blue button-down, traditional flannel, Super Mario PJs standing on his bed with big questioning eyes and arms outstretched.

I need a hug.


  1. Oh man – they get you every time. Nothing like the feel of little arms around your neck to disperse the rage. They have such an arsenal of weapons and we are toast.

  2. Awwww – it’s SO hard to be mad at stuff like that!

  3. That’ll sure drain the irritation right out of you, wont’ it? 🙂

  4. so heartwarming, and frustrating all at once…

  5. Aww, So cute. I bet you weren’t so mad you stomped back up the stairs that final time!!

  6. LibraryGirl62 says:

    DON’T FALL FOR IT!!!! It is just a “gateway cute” Sure, it starts out with a hug, then a kiss and before you know it, you are yelling at a 16 year old about not having his homework done , not knowing where his baseball stuff is and why does he need to leave his jock strap in the hallway and then he looks at you and you see those big brown eyes and he says “I love you mommy” and you give him the keys to the car…STEP AWAY FROM THE CUTE>>>STAY STRONG!!!!

  7. Oh my that just melted my heart!!

    Goes along with my theory of why humans are still around today. They make the kids/babies cute so we won’t kill them.

  8. You’re a nice mommy. I still would have snapped at him to quit stalling and get his butt under those covers. 🙂

  9. Dammit, they always know just how to get us, don’t they?!


  10. (another) Alison says:

    Ok kind of weird, not only another Alison with the same spelling, but pretty much the same thought I would have expressed if she hadn’t beaten me too it. 🙂

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